VendorInsight and NormShield Announce Partnership to Provide Advanced Cybersecurity Monitoring Services
VendorInsight and NormShield Announce Partnership to Provide Advanced Cybersecurity Monitoring Services

VendorInsight® and NormShield® Announce Partnership to Provide Advanced Cybersecurity Monitoring Services

 VendorInsight®, a leading provider of vendor risk SaaS software and integrated vendor evaluation reporting, today announced its OEM Partnership with NormShield® and its Cyber Risk Monitoring solutions.

This partnership provides VendorInsight® customers with visibility into, and critical analytics for, increasingly important third-party security risk vulnerabilities. VendorInsight® customers can significantly increase the depth and effectiveness of their third-party information security review programs with the option of the NormShield® Cyber Risk Scorecards.

VendorInsight® customers will benefit from access to several key scorecards provided by NormShield®:

Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecard – A cost effective non-intrusive evaluation that can be completed in 60 seconds that addresses the following ten (10) risk categories:

  • Digital Footprint
  • Patch Management
  • DNS Health
  • Email Security
  • IP/Domain Reputation
  • Leaked Credentials
  • Fraudulent Domains
  • Web Security
  • Information Disclosure
  • Web Ranking

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Comprehensive Cyber Risk Scorecard – The most accurate non-intrusive evaluation in the market, including greater than 400 sources of cyber intelligence and hygiene, financial loss exposure based on the FAIR Institute reporting method, and automated correlation to industry standard compliance controls. The Comprehensive reporting expands evaluation categories to include:

  • Hactivist Shares
  • Social Network
  • App Security
  • SSL/TESL Sec
  • CDN Sec
  • Fraudulent Apps
  • NW Security
  • DDOS Resilience
  • Brand Reputation
  • Attack Surface

Scorecard analyses and reports from NormShield® are based upon industry accepted NIST, FAIR Institute, and MITRE standards, making them easily understood.

“We are excited to partner with NormShield® on this integration with VendorInsight®. We evaluated their solution suite as being the best in the industry. Third-party cybersecurity risk is a topic that continues to gain prominence as a regulatory concern, and is a strategic business imperative,” said Grant Karnes, CEO and President at CMPG’s Risk Solutions Group. “The combination of VendorInsight®’s analytics and due diligence review services with NormShield®’s cyber risk eco-system evaluation can allow our customers to identify and mitigate risk exposure to their own profits and reputational integrity. The ability for our clients to continuously validate the cybersecurity risk profile of their third-party and fourth-party suppliers provides our customers a strengthened and industry-leading approach to vendor risk management,” added Jay Fitzhugh, Chief Regulatory Officer for VendorInsight®.

“This relationship with VendorInsight® gives NormShield® the opportunity to integrate its cyber risk assessment capabilities with VendorInsight®’s platform and add value for its customers. Third-party cyber hygiene is now a critical indicator to an organization’s overall risk profile and compliance posture. We are very proud to be aligned with the well-respected and experienced team of experts at VendorInsight®,” said Paul Paget, CEO of NormShield®.

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