Busy legal teams have limited time to explore new outside counsel, especially on short notice.

Factor in the challenges of keeping that counsel engaged, managing performance, and optimizing the relationship? The admin work quickly adds up.

Enter Mitratech’s AdvanceLaw: an innovative legal marketplace that selects outside lawyers based on merit, rather than the firm brand or elite rates. Our 300+ legal teams share data on the performance of lawyers within our global panel of 25+ law firms vetted for quality, innovation, and diversity.

With AdvanceLaw, you can expect fast-turnaround firm & panel management suggestions that take subject matter expertise, budget, DEI preferences, and a variety of other factors into account, including experience with the local bar, plaintiff’s counsel, fee structure preferences, and more!

Download the brochure for insights on how you can leverage AdvanceLaw to:
  • Achieve double-digit cost savings on outside counsel fees
  • Increase the representation of diverse law firm timekeepers
  • Strengthen law firm partnerships and business knowledge
  • Develop better data and analytics on law firm relationships &  performance
  • Converge and build preferred provider panels

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We offer membership to general counsel passionate about our model and want to engage our network of highly-motivated outside counsel. Explore whether your legal team is a good fit.

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