What happens when you underpin the world’s most widely-used legal management platform with intuitive, no-code workflow automation?

It’s transformational. TeamConnect + workflow automation equips legal with the tools to drive cross-functional collaboration and best practices throughout your entire enterprise. 

By pairing up the industry’s leading solution for matter and legal spend management with no-code workflow automation, your legal team becomes a more strategic partner within your organization, as well as with vendors, customers, and outside counsel.

Download the brochure to uncover:
  • How to create and extend a single source of truth and legal best practices across the enterprise
  • How workflows integrate with your existing infrastructure and integrations to reduce errors and drive immediate ROI—  often upwards of 400%
  • 10 tangible, transformative ways to use Teamconnect + workflow to increase visibility, predictability, and control for your legal ops team 
  • Actionable insights on how to design and publish workflows with TAP’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, with no coding required and no need for software engineers.

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