Devise a workflow used to submit and process potential new investment opportunities of varying types and values.


  • Submissions are made via standardized self-service online forms which can incorporate detailed autofill fields, etc., to navigate user through completion and submission of even complex information.
  • If the investment amount required is below a certain value, the form workflow auto‐approves it.
  • If the amount is above the threshold, then the opportunity is sent for review.
  • Other parameters (type of investment, location, etc.) can be defined to trigger auto-approval or review.
  • The number of reviewers depends on the type and value of the investment.
  • Notifications alert the submitter to request status at any defined stages.


  • Allows expedited investment process, including streamlining of mid- and back-office operations.
  • Generates secure workflow audit record for transparency and governance purposes.
  • E-signature integration standardizes secure approvals.