Automate the process of capturing and scheduling requests for product or service demos.


  • Online self-service forms guide prospects through the process of requesting a product demo during visits to websites, mobile sites or other touchpoints.
  • Designed in TAP, these forms can be as simple or detailed as Sales requires.
  • When forms are submitted, a workflow launches that directs each query to a pre-designated / next available salesperson or sales engineer.
  • Demo requests can be routed to sales management and other stakeholders for review and report.
  • Workflow can trigger an auto-scheduling routine to set up a convenient demo with the prospect, either at the point of contact, via email or phone call.
  • Content delivery can be triggered, providing user with video, collaterals or other materials as part of lead nurture.
  • Workflows can integrate with CRM, email and inbound marketing platforms (Marketo, HubSpot, et al).
  • Centralized dashboard permits oversight of all demo requests and workflows.


  • Delivers a better user experience for potential prospects by accelerating response and engagement.
  • Webforms can be designed to pre-qualify leads through embedded business logic, data capture and integration with your present CRM/leads database.
  • Frees sales personnel from lead qualification.
  • Delays and errors are eliminated via form and workflow standardization.
  • Generates secure workflow audit record for transparency and governance purposes.