Trademark Infringement Log


Bring automated efficiency to workflows for Legal Operations trademark tracking processes, as well as for trademark filings, renewals and related legal operations processes.


  • Self-service online forms allow personnel to submit trademark application requests.
  • Workflows can also be built around re-authorization requests for 3rd party usage of trademarks and brand assets.
  • TAP enables users without programming expertise to build equivalent apps as automated workflows.
  • Workflows and forms can be easily created in TAP drag-and-drop UI, specifying routing, stakeholders and notifications at every stage.
  • Automated notifications can alert stakeholders to the need for trademark renewals, and can link to requisite forms.


  • Using a single database and environment brings standardization and centralization, with ready-made security and compliance.
  • All collaborators involved at the correct time and in correct sequence.
  • Processes repeat correctly every time, in standardized way, no matter how complicated.
  • Far higher security for sensitive processes that cross-organizational lines.
  • Documents and files that are relevant to each collaboration are centralized in one repository, not scattered with poor version control.
  • Some legal processes completed in 90% less calendar hours, consuming 75% fewer staff hours.