Vacation / Disability Leave Requests


Develop an automated workflow to manage the process of reviewing vacation or sick leave requests.


  • Easy-to-use online self-service forms allow employees to submit requests for sick leave, vacations, personal leave or similar absences.
  • Form can be easily designed in TAP to capture as much information as necessary.
  • Workflow, including specification of stakeholders and notifications, is completely customizable.
  • Once submitted, requests are automatically routed to proper stakeholders/managers for review.
  • Approval or denial notifications can be automatically generated and sent to employees.
  • TAP integrations allow approved leaves/vacations to be logged on employee and/or departmental calendars, alerts to Accounting, etc.
  • A secure Cloud-based archive of workflows and assets provides for compliance/auditing.


  • Requests are submitted and processed with far greater speed and minimized errors, delays and costs.
  • Centralized tracking and reporting allows HR to have overview of all request statuses in real time.
  • Employee morale benefits from a faster, more precise request-and-response process.
  • Workflows are automatically archived in the Cloud for secure storage and accessibility for auditing.
  • E-signature integration standardizes secure approvals.