Announcing an End-to-End Evolution of GRC

Mike Williams |

When I joined Mitratech a little over two months ago, a lot of what drew me was the client-centric nature of this company, from top to bottom.

That’s one of my own core values, as well.  I could see how many of the decisions made by Jason Parkman and the leadership team were built around how those decisions could increase the value we deliver to the people who use Mitratech products.

When Jason Parkman explained the acquisition of ThinkSmart and its TAP product, he pointed to the fact there was exceptional alignment between both companies, from their products through how they supported and partnered with clients.  Today, I’ve got the opportunity to explain a key new acquisition made for a lot of the same reasons.

A new benchmark in data privacy and information governance

In this case, acquisitions were a way of delivering evolution in the compliance software space to our clients. By acquiring ClusterSeven and adding its capabilities to our existing GRC lineup, we’ve created a solutions suite that’s head-and-shoulders above what’s been previously available.

What drove this move? It’s simple: There’s an urgent need for GRC teams to have a full-spectrum toolkit in hand for mitigating information-based risk. As of right now, only Mitratech can supply a set of solutions that’s truly “end-to-end,” meaning users’ capabilities in data privacy protection and information governance can extend across every level and location of an organization.

This means they’ll be able to manage regulatory obligations across their various markets, analytically predict possible compliance issues, enjoy enterprise-wide oversight of all the data, documents, content, and digital assets in their company (even those not controlled by IT), quickly and easily draft, communicate, and verify compliance with policies and procedures, and use intuitive tools to embed compliance in workflows used every day across the entire organization.
Even with all that? We’re only at the start of what’s ahead.

Taking it to the next level and beyond

So much of Mitratech’s success over the years has come through collaboration and co-innovation with our client community and partners. In the software business, your devotion to partnering with clients in service to their success is what earns their loyalty and helps inspire great products. Based on my own decades in this industry I can tell you how this approach, as much as any other strength, is what’s kept Mitratech at the forefront for 30+ years.

It why we embed Mitratech experts in client operations and include them in our development cycles. What’s been remarkable, over and over again? How our clients are the ones who really lead the charge in innovating new ways to apply or improve TAP, or DataStore, or any other product.

The need for more sophisticated yet also easy-to-use solutions for data privacy and information governance has gotten more urgent in the past few years. Better tools are needed to satisfy new data privacy legislation like the GDPR, the CCPA, and a migraine-inducing patchwork of statutes among U.S. states and other countries and regions. There’s also a maze of financial and accountability regulation, from Sarbanes-Oxley to ARGA to SMR, springing up around the globe. Answering those complexities and mitigating risk is more demanding than ever.

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Our business is client success

If you’re really a client-centric company, it’s never a job where you can slack off and relax. You’ve got to be ready to pivot if they pivot, or change your products or services as their needs change, or any other move that helps your clients hit their goals.

That’s the Mitratech way, and I’ve seen the proof of that in just my short time here. We develop great software and provide terrific support, but our real product is client success. Delivering a breakthrough new solutions suite, as we’ve done by adding ClusterSeven to our compliance software portfolio, is a huge step forward for us and our clients. But it’s only the next step in a long and exciting journey.

Read our press release about Mitratech’s acquisition of ClusterSeven