Design a workflow for managing requests for access to an organization’s software platforms or databases.


  • Online self-service forms are customizable in TAP to capture all necessary information.
  • The workflow can be tailored to alert the right stakeholder/administrators once a request for access has been submitted.
  • Rules and embedded business logic can be embedded in forms/workflow to pre-filter requests.
  • Automated reminders ensure prompt administrative review of requests, if necessary.
  • Status updates can be sent to requesters at various steps in the review process.
  • Mobile access lets workflow participants access and act remotely.
  • Approvals can trigger notifications to requester and user(s), and trigger other workflows, such as training and orientation.
  • Centralized dashboard provides visibility into all software requests within the organization, either current or historical.
  • All workflow records, assets and documentation are centrally stored in a secure Cloud repository for later audit and analysis.


  • Form and workflow automation within a single system equals consistency of processes, saving time and costs.
  • Customizability means all forms and workflows are adapted to enterprise need.
  • Centralized monitoring permits real-time security oversight and governance of who has access to enterprise platforms.
  • Audits and analysis of software requests can be done in detail thanks to automatic archiving of workflow records and data.