The right solution: How can TAP enhance an enterprise?

Explore the benefits of TAP, our easy-to-adopt SaaS workflow automation solution.


One of the benefits of TAP Workflow Automation is that TAP is “transformational,” as one user puts it, saving “thousands of hours” of staff time while reducing errors, delays and costs.


Another workflow automation benefit is that they can be published in hours or days after adoption, not months – and are completed in a fraction of the time of manual processes.


Real-time collaboration improves teamwork as employees can simultaneously contribute to projects, edit documents and more.


Workflows, forms, assets, audit trails and more are trackable and accessible from a single secure source, even from mobile.

ROI that’s ASAP

By delivering workflow automation benefits and efficiency from Day One, TAP starts paying off almost immediately for our customers.


Customers rave about how we help them maximize their ThinkSmart Automation Platform benefits.


TAP scales quickly and economically as you grow, diversify, or encounter sudden workload spikes.


TAP users are happy they can customize it to meet to their organization’s precise needs, never vice-versa.


Designing, launching, revising and improving processes is quick and simple, enhancing enterprise agility.


Expand your workflow capabilities by putting TAP’s integrations with other best-in-class tools to work.


Multi-language support makes it easy to design dynamic forms and documents, helping you serve diverse user groups.


Developed with the help of top security experts and compliance managers, TAP meets the toughest security standards.

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TAP Workflow Automation

Accelerate your enterprise.

Transform your processes with best-in-class workflow automation.