Is workflow automation worth it?

TAP’s ease of use lets you quickly automate nearly any workflow, no matter how complex.. Here’s an example of the savings for just one process.

Cost per manual NDA workflow

Automation labor savings per NDA

Savings per year processing 1,000 NDAs

ROI that’s ASAP

Workflow automation with TAP accelerates savings and execution for almost immediate ROI.


Hours Saved


Money Saved


TAP delivers benefits across the board

When you measure workflow automation success, here’s how TAP makes an impact:


E-Signature Integration

TAP users are more than happy to measure workflow automation success in cost savings. One user saves $70,000 a week by streamlining its approval processes using TAP’s best-in-class e-signature features. That’s $3.6 MM a year in savings directly attributable to TAP.


Error Elimination

With TAP, documents are never lost or accidentally misrouted. IDC says workers waste 21% of their time searching for lost documents or handling other document-related issues. Still, 7.5% of all company documents are lost completely.


Email Notifications

Automating notifications with TAP can save serious money. If an employee paid $50/hour takes half an hour to write each of 5 notifications per workday, it adds up to $6000 a year you’re paying one worker for repetitive work. And you may have more than one person doing it, right?


Materials Savings

The costs of using paper can be 13 to 31 times the price of buying the paper in the first place, yet a single average U.S. office worker uses 10,000 sheets a year. Plus, printer ink costs more per ounce than a bottle of Chanel No. 5 (and it sure doesn’t smell better).


Security & Storage

With TAP, it’s easy (and economical) to back up documents to secure, Cloud-based servers, so compliance tracking and disaster recovery is far easier than if you’re using using physical archiving. You’ll save beaucoup bucks on file cabinets alone!


Morale & Retention

One study found that by preparing just three documents a week manually, a senior attorney could waste $1,350 per month in lost billable time versus using automation. Replacing that drudgery with efficiency helps people focus on more important tasks and feel more fulfilled in their work.

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