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Powerful solutions for combatting the impacts of coronavirus in this time of need

Coronavirus has disrupted business operations all over the globe.  The steps we take right now will decide how long we’ll have to keep battling it, both as individual companies and as a society.

Mitratech is determined to support businesses in solving these problems with Coronavirus impact solutions. Regardless if you’re one of our clients or someone who has no idea who we are, we want to serve you and your business challenges during the uncertainty created by this pandemic.

Let’s remove some stress from the situation. Let’s mitigate together, and quickly.  With the most comprehensive suite of COVID impact solutions available anywhere.

“Thank you for this.”

“Stay safe, keep safe!”

– COVID-19 Client Survey Respondents

COVID-19 TAP Automated Workflows



COVID-19 Verfolgungsmanagement

Die Automatisierung Ihres Impf-, Test- und COVID-Verfolgungsprogramms war noch nie so einfach.

Antrag auf Genehmigung eines Vor-Ort-Besuchs

Verwaltung und Bewertung der Anträge von Mitarbeitern und Auftragnehmern auf Zugang zum Büro für verschiedene Zwecke.

Tracker für Fernarbeit

Überprüfung von WFH-Anträgen, Verfolgung des Status von Woche zu Woche und eventuelle Probleme mit Infektionskrankheiten, die einen Einsatz ausschließen...

Antrag auf geschäftskritische Reisen

Stellen Sie schnell einen Workflow bereit, der es Ihnen ermöglicht, Reiseanträge von Mitarbeitern zu filtern und zu beantworten.

Tell us which workflow Sie want next!

Use our Feedback Form to let us know which TAP workflow we should work on to help you mitigate COVID-19.

Two useful resources:

  • Download our guide to the COVID-19 workflows we’ve launched to help companies cope with the pandemic.
  • Visit our Business Continuity Transformation™ Center to learn new strategies and tools for not just sustaining business continuity today, but for thriving in spite of future disruptions.
TAP COVID-19 Workflows
Legal Ops resources for COVID-19
In-depth downloads and other resources exploring how to solve the challenges of the pandemic for legal departments.

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Risk & compliance resources for COVID-19
Informative resources about how to mitigate the risk and problems caused by the outbreak.

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GRC solutions for managing coronavirus risk

PolicyHub makes policy management easy in uneasy times

  • Right now, you need a quick, efficient, streamlined, automated way to draft, communicate, and capture employee attestation to new policies and procedures around COVID-19.  Because manual processes will be too costly and inefficient to execute a defensible compliance program.
  • PolicyHub solves the need by by letting you create, approve, and intelligently distribute policies and procedures, conduct, knowledge assessments, and provide quick yet sophisticated reporting – all in a single easy-to-use solution.

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ClusterSeven Shadow IT Manager can reveal hidden risks

  • Even in ordinary times, most enterprises have End User Computing (EUC) spreadsheets and applications hidden outside of IT control that can create risk. That’s more true than ever as employees work remotely with their own devices and applications.
  • By using Shadow IT Manager or conducting an EUC Health Check, you’ll inventory and monitor those hidden files, and gain transparency, control, and confidence in the integrity of spreadsheets and data everywhere.
  • One eye-opening fact? 90% of companies that have us conduct an EUC Health Check find serious issues that require monitoring and control.

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