In GRC, What Are 4 Barriers to a Culture of Compliance?

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The pressure on GRC professionals today to demonstrate their organizations are meeting compliance objectives – visibly and publicly – has never been more intense.

Establishing clear accountability, at the individual level and the organizational level, is now critical.

As such, it’s important for companies to start with the right tone and enterprise-wide approach. Creating a culture of compliance requires leadership from the top, and buy-in from everyone across the company. Still, too many organizations regard their commitment to compliance and ethics as nothing more than a box-ticking exercise.

Creating a compliance-friendly environment

Really, this is all about instilling an environment where calling out non-compliance is actively encouraged, and practices to gain or improve compliance are actively rewarded. Employees need to believe that everyone is held to the same high standards and, importantly, understand the repercussions if those high standards are not met.

When you look at governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) maturity models, the objective is to embed and operationalize GRC initiatives across every function of the organization, and share the same knowledge to help make better decisions for the business.

This is why we’ve created an infographic to help you identify the four significant barriershurdles really – that can keep your organization from reaching your compliance goals. However, with today’s powerful GRC technologies, there’s no reason why you can’t jump these barriers and readily achieve policy management and GRC excellence.

In our recent poll of GRC experts about their predictions for Governance, Risk and Compliance trends in 2019, the importance of building a culture of compliance stood out as a key need for companies in the year ahead.  Achieving it demands commitment, but it’s within reach for risk and compliance professionals who apply the right tools for the task.

Download your own copy of the infographic to see the hurdles to compliance, and how to overcome them.

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