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Take a look at our monthly updates for a comprehensive review of everything you need to know about regulatory changes in the industry.

In this episode of our RegFacts briefing series, join our host Donna Cameron, Senior Regulatory Compliance Expert at Mitratech, as she takes you through a high-level recap of what the Continuity team addressed this past April 2023.

In this episode:
  • FinCEN renews and expands real estate Geographic Targeting Order.
  • FTC Negative Option Rule.
  • NCUA climate-related financial risks.
  • CFPB, FDIC, Federal Reserve, NCUA, and OCC joint statement on completing the LIBOR transition.
  • FDIC guidance on charging overdraft fees for authorized positive / settle negative transactions.
  • OCC guidance on overdraft protection programs: risk management.
  • CFPB advisory opinion on time-barred debt (Regulation F).
  • Nacha ACH risk management proposed amendments and so much more.

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