Equipped with the industry-leading Digital Case Assembly Solution.

From solo practitioners to established law firms, legal teams requiring the highest level of compliance choose ImmigrationTracker™’s legal tracker software to streamline immigration status tracking and case management.

Accelerated workflows and efficiency tools for every organization

With Immigration Tracker™ software, facilitate interdepartmental collaboration while managing strict client timelines with automated reminders, tracker reporting tools, and customized workflows.

Corporate Mobility Teams

Facilitate inter-departmental collaboration while managing strict timelines with automated alerts.

Medium to Large Firms

Automate assembly and boost team efficiency with eMerge™, the industry’s first Digital Case Assembly Solution.

Solo Practitioners

Attract new clients with streamlined recruiting processes and fully customizable intake questionnaires.

What problems and pressures do outdated immigration tracking processes create?

No central source of truth

  • Immigration case practitioners must often collect a wide variety of information from both foreign nationals and clients, making it hard to manage without a system of record.
  • No way for caseworkers to effectively monitor the various deadlines that could impact a client.

Time and human asset waste

  • Highly trained legal and staffing professionals spend countless hours on data entry, manual tasks, reconciling records, and re-creating e-mails and letters.

A lack of collaboration

  • It’s difficult to manually collate, assemble, and review immigration applications – made worse when staffers have to work from home.
  • Foreign nationals often lack an electronic means of completing intake questionnaires when it’s convenient for them.

Irregular best practices

  • Immigration petition statuses and applications demand a high level of accuracy and detail and case managers must also keep up-to-date with form revisions – which is difficult if time is diverted to repetitive manual tasks.
  • Cases consist of mandatory, defined, sequential steps and tasks. Without process automation and standardization, steps can be missed, risking case outcomes.

ImmigrationTracker™ supplies
industry-leading benefits

Increased efficiency

  • Save countless hours by automating routine processes with our templated emails & pre-populated letters.
  • Our eMerge™ Digital Case Assembly solution is an industry first, and save teams 30 minutes of busywork per case by streamlining petition and document assembly.

Built-in best practices

  • Start every application with out-of-the-box workflows, questionnaires, and communication tools designed using 15+ years of legal expertise.
  • Streamline your work with customizable forms and templates built around best practices and equipped with automated timeline alerts.

Improved visibility and reporting

  • Keep teams aligned and clients updated with flexible real-time reporting.
  • Curated real-time immigration reports guarantee you’ll never miss an expiration date or deliverable.
  • Tailored real-time reporting views empower teams to instantly identify workflow blockages, efficiently allocate resources, and list by country visitation.

In-app tutorials

  • Efficiently onboard new-hires with intuitive interfaces, in-app tutorials, and a dedicated legal tracker Support Team.
  • Reduce lengthy onboarding cycles and training.

Enhanced collaboration

  • Empower legal staff, corporate mobility teams, and foreign nationals to work within a common system.
  • Keep records accurate and everyone on the same page – without the errors and inefficiencies of emails or other communications.

Increase client satisfaction

  • Case managers become immigration heroes for clients by managing strict timelines and generating real-time immigration reports that guarantee expiration dates and deadlines are not missed.
  • Our immigrant software offers flexible real-time project management fosters visibility and keeps clients updated on case status and next steps.

API integration

  • Eliminate manual processing and reduce redundancies with seamless, real-time API integration.

Who’s using ImmigrationTracker?

Relied upon by some of America’s leading law firms and companies.

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