Automate your financial institution’s risk and compliance processes

Expertly designed to meet the specific needs of banks, credit unions and financial technology firms of all sizes, Continuity makes mitigating risks, remaining compliant, and controlling exposure to third-party risks easier than ever with cloud-driven, automated RegTech software.

Our technology can give your organization the support it needs to:

  • Understand regulatory changes and how your operations are impacted
  • Take action to implement regulatory changes across your organization 
  • Proactively identify and assess emerging risks 
  • Promote a risk-aware culture and performance

Drive effortless regulatory compliance

Continuity provides daily monitoring of regulations pertaining to the financial services industry. Our in-house expert team, the Regulatory Operations Center, then analyzes each update, alerts you with a conclusion of their analysis, and provides recommended action steps to ensure compliance.

Continuity RegAdvisor pro icon

RegAdvisor® Pro

Expert analysis and recommended action steps are provided automatically for federal regulatory changes.

Continuity RegAdvisor State icon

RegAdvisor® State

Consolidated federal and state regulatory changes to help you reduce risk and increase your regulatory compliance confidence.



Built-in expertise with 4,000+ pre-identified key risk indicators tied to 150+ risk assessments.

Continuity RegAdvisor EA icon

RegAdvisor EA

Automatic alerts on enforcement actions issued by covered Federal agencies.

Continuity Reg Controls icon


Over 400 prebuilt controls for real-time compliance management, kept up to date by our regulatory experts.

Continuity Controls Builder feature

Controls Builder™

A customizable controls designer that you can configure to meet the business needs of your financial organization.

Ready to automate risk and regulatory compliance management for your financial institution?

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Stay one step ahead of risk

Mitratech’s automated risk and regulatory compliance management software intelligently identifies and assesses the risks facing your enterprise, providing a holistic view of risk to help you make informed and timely decisions.

Where does technology fit in the regulatory compliance equation?

Regulatory compliance is how organizations – particularly financial or banking institutions – adhere to the laws, regulations, and standards enforced by governing authorities to ensure ethical legal practices and maintain the integrity of their financial systems. Many teams turn to advanced financial compliance software to navigate the intricate web of regulations, automate compliance processes, streamline reporting, and provide real-time monitoring, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing the risk of non-compliance-related penalties and reputational damage.

Control your vendor exposure.

Continuity limits your exposure to the third-party risks posed by your vendors by facilitating the management of all vendors that matter most to the operations of your business:


The entire lifecycle of vendor management is engineered into our technology— from risk assessment to contract review.

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Continuity is a cloud-native, automated regulatory change management and risk solutions for the financial services industry, continuously updated by subject matter experts.

Continuity’s enterprise risk management (ERM) technology, compliance, vendor and performance management systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and financial technology firms of all sizes.

Continuity’s use cases for the financial services industry currently include:

  • Regulatory change management 
  • Compliance management
  • Enterprise risk management 
  • Vendor risk management 
  • Policy management

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