Seamless Integration: Unifying Your Approach to Talent Management

For all modern businesses, harnessing, and nurturing talent is critical for sustained success. This is where Talent Management Software becomes an invaluable asset, streamlining the processes of hiring, training, and performance management.

Supercharged Talent Acquisition Features

Mitratech’s talent acquisition software fits the range of your needs for modern workforce building. Source the best talent, fill hourly roles, and build a diverse workforce with ease. With distinct offerings in talent acquisition, find solutions that meet your needs and empower your HR teams to grow your workforce in a predictable, repeatable way

Our talent acquisition software includes features specifically for:

  • Hiring workflows
  • Candidate experience
  • Employer branding
  • High-volume, hourly hiring
  • Job posting
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Collaborative hiring
  • and more
Mitratech Talent acquisition software
Easy-To-Use Talent Acquisition Software

Easy-To-Use Talent Acquisition Software That Moves As Fast As You Do

Executing your hiring strategies and meeting your talent goals has never been easier than with one of our applicant tracking solutions. From the moment you write a job description to when you extend that final job offer and start onboarding, utilize robust software built for modern hiring teams.

Eliminate inefficiencies in your hiring strategy, identify bottlenecks using benchmarking data, and have one user-friendly source of truth for everyone working on an open role. Then, get the data and insights you need to do it again, but this time improving and refining your strategy.

But your job in talent management isn’t over. Then comes the onboarding process, ongoing employee retention efforts, and more. That’s why having one talent management partner is your best option. With easier pricing and billing, one place to go for customer support, and a trusted name in HCM, we have you covered.

Upgrade your hiring game with our innovative Talent Acquisition Software tailored for the modern workforce.

Partnering together to provide (you and your clients) the best service.


Everything You Need To Make Better Hiring Decisions

Our talent acquisition software modernizes recruitment marketing for Human Resources and your new hires.

Our talent acquisition software revolutionizes recruitment by offering robust tools for writing compelling job descriptions, seamless posting to multiple job boards, and effortlessly connecting with job seekers. With user-friendly features that simplify job description creation, automate job posting across various platforms, and facilitate direct communication with potential candidates (including through text messages!), our software enhances efficiency and effectiveness in attracting top talent to your organization.

Streamline the interview scheduling process and foster hiring team alignment to the best hire and decrease time-to-hire. By offering intuitive tools for scheduling interviews seamlessly, coordinating availability among team members, and providing feedback loops for evaluating candidates, create a smooth and collaborative hiring experience. With features that centralize interview schedules, facilitate team communication, and promote consensus-building around candidate selection, our software empowers organizations to make informed hiring decisions that align with their team’s vision and goals.

Simplify the process of extending offer letters and managing offers efficiently with our talent acquisition software. With advanced features that enable the creation and customization of offer letters (including creating your own templates), seamless delivery to candidates, and comprehensive offer management tools for tracking and approvals, our software ensures a streamlined and professional experience for both recruiters and candidates. By centralizing offer processes, providing real-time status updates, and facilitating easy collaboration among stakeholders, our software empowers organizations to extend offers promptly and manage the entire offer lifecycle with ease and accuracy.

See your metrics clearly in dashboards built to report on your staffing efforts.

Talent Sourcing software to help write better job post
streamline hiring and decrease time-to-hire
Simple Talent acquisition software

Did you know that our HR software doesn’t end with recruiting solutions?

Pair your ATS with our software for background checks, performance management, I-9 compliance, compliance, and more!


Streamline your recruitment efficiency with a seamless applicant tracking system, empowering your team to discover and hire top-tier candidates

High-Volume, Hourly Hiring Recruitment Platform

A comprehensive applicant tracking system designed to optimize the hiring process for businesses that need to hire hourly workers. With its user-friendly interface that simplifies recruitment tasks, you’ll have a centralized platform to streamline candidate sourcing and selection. Use customizable job postings, automated job distribution across multiple channels, intuitive applicant tracking tools, robust reporting and analytics capabilities, and seamless integration with HR systems for a more efficient recruitment workflow.

Key features:

  • Customizable job postings to attract the right candidates
  • Automated job distribution across various platforms
  • Intuitive applicant tracking tools for easy candidate management
  • Robust reporting and analytics for data-driven decision-making
  • Text-to-apply and Chatbot capabilities.


High-Volume, Hourly Hiring Recruitment Platform
All-In-One Recruiting Software with Workforce Analytics

All-In-One Recruiting Software with Workforce Analytics

Simplify and enhance the recruitment process as part of your search for top talent. Use the intuitive interface to streamline candidate relationship management, organize hiring teams, and see key data points about your hiring process, including speed-to-hire. Key features include customizable job postings, automated job distribution across multiple channels, advanced applicant tracking tools, comprehensive reporting and analytics functionality, and seamless integration with our other solutions for performance management and training.

Key features:

  • Customizable job postings on today’s top job boards
  • One centralized location for hiring teams to gather information
  • Interview scheduling modules to make aligning calendars easier
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics for data-driven decisions
  • Benchmarking and board-ready visuals


Diversity Recruiting and OFCCP Compliance – Access the Total Talent Pool

If you’re a federal contractor or want to include diversity at the heart of your talent acquisition strategy, our talent acquisition software can help you get there. Utilize inclusive features for customizable job postings for targeted DEI and diversity recruiting, automated job distribution for broader outreach (including our own job sites with further read), advanced applicant tracking tools for efficient management, robust reporting and analytics for OFCCP compliance, and one of today’s largest networks of job seekers.

Key features:

  • Customizable job postings for diversity recruitment initiatives
  • Automated job distribution to state and local job boards
  • Advanced applicant tracking tools for effective total talent pool access
  • Robust reporting and analytics for informed decision-making


Talent Sourcing Software with Diversity Recruiting and OFCCP Compliance

Discover why over 15,000 businesses rely on Mitratech to help them attract, retain, and engage today’s top talent.

Automate Your Candidate Pipeline To Ensure You Find The Right Talent

Automate Your Candidate Pipeline To Ensure You Find The Right Talent

Traditional talent acquisition processes are tedious and take up too much time. Hiring managers need to be able to quickly post jobs to career sites and reach out to qualified candidates with targeted messaging and open calendars. Our talent acquisition software helps your organization find the best candidate profiles, schedule meetings in real-time, screen applicants, align recruiting teams, and then through the offer management process.

Create custom-tailored workflows for end-to-end success for your talent acquisition teams.


Talent Acquisition Software is a specialized platform designed to streamline and optimize the recruitment process. It includes tools for job posting, candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, offer management, and more.

Talent Acquisition Systems are used by HR professionals, recruiters, hiring managers, and other stakeholders involved in the recruitment and hiring process within organizations of all sizes across various industries.

Talent Acquisition Software typically integrates with HR systems through APIs or direct integrations, allowing for seamless data exchange between recruitment and HR processes. This integration ensures that candidate information, onboarding details, and other relevant data are accurately shared between systems.

Key features to consider in Talent Acquisition Software include customizable job postings, automated job distribution, applicant tracking tools, interview scheduling capabilities, offer management functionalities, reporting and analytics tools, integration with HR systems, diversity recruitment support, compliance with regulations like OFCCP, and team collaboration features for efficient decision-making.

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