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Co-Innovation is the magic that happens when our customers and partners share workflow use cases and designs for the betterment of the community.

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The key to customer success is collaboration and co-innovation.

No matter what challenge you’re facing, most often it is better to collect ideas and best practices from your peers. TAP enables our customers to build forms and workflows seamlessly so there are a lot of ways to get the right solution to an organization. 

Through peer-to-peer collaboration – asking questions, sharing use cases and workflows, and answering queries – our customers find that they’re not the only ones who are running into the same questions or resolving the same business challenges. These interactions help build the Legal Operations community and strengthen overall success.

Everyday Customer Use Cases

NDA Request

Design and launch a self-service NDA portal to capture data and build the right NDA.

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Use Case of the Month

Ask Legal

Centralized Legal workflow portal that allows all requests to be auto-assigned to appropriate Legal resource with clear
content related to asks.

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Advertising Review

Request identifies if approval is needed and who needs to review and approve prior to reaching Legal.

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Conflict of Interest

Provide easy capture of relevant information and audit capabilities to address and resolve conflict-of-interest issues with multiple stakeholders.

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Subsidiary Management

Streamline and easily route incoming subsidiary related requests for quick turnarounds.

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Policy Query

Workflow allows employees to submit queries and questions around a particular policy received and if it applies to said employee.

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