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Implementing a Quality, Health, Safety, Environment (QHSE) management system is important in protecting employees’ health and safety, as well as the environment. The value of this management operation mode not only delivers benefit through better training and administration, but ultimately serves the greater success of the organization. This solution provides QHSE, GRC and ISO management systems across an organization, offering real-time management, reporting and analysis.

Enhanced Incident Management Solutions

Within the platform, customers gain immediate benefit from:

  • Easy management of QHSE rules and requirements
  • Quick implementation & scalability to organizational needs
  • Drag and drop dashboarding and insights
  • World-class business intelligence capability for reporting, collaboration and analysis

reduction in the costs of non-compliance

With the acquisition of Integrum, Mitratech’s incident management capabilities are bolstered with a centralized platform for quality, health, safety, environmental, governance, risk and compliance.

Key QHSE Functions For Managing Risk Across Your Working Environments

Mitratech’s QHSE risk and compliance solution, used by over 1.5 million users around the globe, provides incident management and reporting, investigation management, risk and compliance management, controlled document management conforming to ISO 9001, audit management, contractor and supplier management, training and performance management, SMARTform builder and workflow, and powerful HR functions.

Mitratech GRC - Incident and Action System Icon

Incident & Action System

Fully configurable incident system with actions, workflows, investigations, findings, for any type of incident or event management process.

Mitratech GRC - Sustainability and CSR Icon

Sustainability & CSR

Manage all corporate social responsibility, sustainability, environmental management. Track and report carbon footprint, energy, resource utilization, community programs and much more.

Mitratech GRC - Business Continuity Icon

Business Continuity

Manage Business Continuity Plans, Disaster Recovery Plans, Objectives and Targets, BCP reviews, audits, assessments, and actions.

Mitratech GRC - Health and Wellness Management Icon

Health & Wellness Management

Manage employee health, health surveillance and assessments, ergonomic assessments, psychological assessments, wellness programs.

Mitratech GRC - Claims and Case Management Icon

Claims & Case Management

Full claims and case management, including appointments, reviews, file and diary notes, notifications to insurers and regulators – all configurable forms and workflows based on business rules.

Mitratech GRC - Workers Comp and Injury Management Icon

Workers Comp & Injury Management

Manager workers compensation, claims, injury management, return to work plans, rehabilitation medical appointments, expense claims, compensation, medical service providers.

Mitratech QHSE management solutions


A centralized overview of your compliance obligations and business risks with our obligations, audit, and incident management tool.


Cutting-edge AI technology to help manage ESG, cyber, governance, risk and compliance across your enterprise and third parties.


Streamline business processes with a fully integrated QHSE, GRC & ISO management systems solution.

Identify, understand, and manage your obligations under thousands of ever-changing regulations.

Meet obligations and ensure employee compliance by quickly and easily creating, reviewing, communicating, and capturing attestation for new policies.

Gain full lifecycle risk management for your organization’s exposure to all non-IT supported applications and technical assets including models, tools, calculators, end-user computing and spreadsheets.

Collect, manage, and mine key and compliance-critical data and content everywhere within the business via a secure “single source of truth” central repository.

Gain oversight of third-party risk with vendor risk assessment, automated vendor monitoring, fourth-party vendor tracking, concentration risk analysis, and more.

Use pre-built risk framework templates to simplify Enterprise Risk Management of your organization, processes, applications, and providers.

Embed your policy and information governance best practices in operational processes throughout the enterprise via easily automated, fully audited, and flexible workflows.

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