5 Things You Never Knew About CMO
5 Things You Never Knew About CMO

5 Things You Never Knew About CMO

Policy, risk management, and compliance professionals know Mitratech Compliance Manager (CMO)…but do they know everything about it?

CMO is the intuitive audit and incident management solution that helps improve GRC operations and results. With CMO, you can manage risk centrally, easily report incidents through virtually any Android, Windows or iOS device, more easily manage audits, and use non-compliance and root cause analysis to prevent or reduce incidents in the future.

All true, but there’s so much more to CMO that even veteran users might not be aware of. Keep in mind, continuous feature upgrades and improvements based on user feedback are key tenets of the Mitratech approach to building out our product roadmaps – so it can be a challenge to keep up with latest developments. As such, let’s review five important capabilities that have come online recently:

1. Easier OSHA Reporting

CMO has had OSHA reporting support for years, but now it’s easier than ever before. In addition to automatically listing and counting your workplace incidents related to injury or illness, your OSHA reporting forms are now further automatically populated with the ‘Annual average number of employees’ and ‘Total hours worked by all employees last year’ based on data that you enter in the Frequency Rates module.

In addition, the SIC or NAICS code can be automatically populated from an appropriately configured custom Entity field. This is the kind of automation that will save hours of work for your compliance team members who otherwise would have had to handle repetitive data entry for these fields.

2. Expanded Data Warehouse Features

We all know the CMO data warehouse as the foundation for business intelligence analytics and reporting. But on top of all the great data accessible from the DW, you can now see information related to file attachments, confidential events and the users who can access them. The DW also features an easy to query version indicator table, so you can track _________

3. We’ve Kept Up with Cupertino

When Apple announced back in 2017 that it would be adopting the new HEIC photo format and doing away with the long-standard JPEG, competing device manufacturers and software developers all had to scramble to figure out how best to become HEIC compatible. Our product development team got to work, and our CMO iOS mobile application is now able to support photo attachments in HEIC.

The new format offers a far more advanced compression algorithm that saves storage space on your device, while offering superior image resolution.

4. Updated User Administration for Faster Onboarding

As part of CMO’s system security architecture, it has long been the case that entering incorrect credentials at login would result in a 30-minute lockout period. While well intentioned, this was a practice that created big problems, especially during employee onboarding. We’ve done away with the lockout feature, and so now, when your system administrator resets a password, the new user can immediately access CMO Compliance, eliminating the 30-minute delay.

5. Improved UI = Improved UX

At Mitratech, we regard the user experience within our solutions as critical to productivity. As such, we’re always looking for ways to make the CMO user interface more intuitive, with the ultimate goal of delivering a user experience that is as crisp, seamless and productive as possible. Recently, in order to improve the “look and feel” of forms, we redesigned the text response fields to reduce the surrounding whitespace.

We also added clear arrow indicators to all dropdown responses and improved the layout and alignment of the date and time fields. We trust these changes will help users to get to where they need to go faster, and ultimately accomplish compliance and risk mitigation tasks faster than was previously possible.