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5 Things You Never Knew About Lawtrac

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It’s one of the cornerstone software solutions in legal managment for corporate legal departments, but we’re sure there are five things even experienced Lawtrac users don’t know about it…because they’re new enhancements we’ve only just added to this time-tested product.

Continuous improvement based on user feedback is a hallmark of how Mitratech builds each product roadmap and evolves its product portfolio to meet the ever-changing demands facing our clients.  That’s true of Lawtrac, especially.

So here are five areas of improvement where we’ve updated Lawtrac, giving its users even greater ease of use, more control over legal tasks and processes, and better integration with other tools and platforms.

Invoice Management is easier to use

The Invoice Management landing page can now be selected by the Lawtrac Administrator to display either ‘Recent Invoices’ or ‘Pending Approval’ invoices.  In addition, we’ve added a new ‘Pending Approval’ link to the Finance menu.

Also, Invoice Handler positions have been added to the Invoice Approval chain. These individuals don’t have approval authority, but can review an invoice and pass the invoice along to the first approver in the chain.  If the Invoice Handler is in the last position in the chain, s/he can finalize the process and confirm if all information is complete and accurate.  The benefit? Adding Invoice Handlers to the process takes these time-consuming tasks off the plates of others.

More control over legal hold notifications

A participant in a legal hold, such as a data custodian, no longer has to recieve just a standard automatic notification.  The legal hold administrator can now control when a message is sent to participants in the process, and can even control exactly what message they get. This is a valuable feature in situations where legal hold custodians need to receive very specific instructions, for instance.

Predefine your teams

We’ve added convenience and time savings to matter management by giving users the ability to assign multiple staff to a single matter by using the Predefined Legal Team function.  Users can thus be sure they’re aligning specific matters with staffers who possess the right expertise, every time.

Invoicing has been improved

If you’re a lawyer or other legal staffer, it can be a real headache to keep track of every matter you’ve supposed to be working on. So now, Lawtrac’s Quick Find search has been updated to visually display exactly which matters you’ve been assigned to handle.

Better Excel integration

We know how important it is to integrate with the platforms and tools that legal teams have come to rely upon, so we’ve addressed one much-requested need with this update: Want to open a report you’ve created in Lawtrac by using MS Excel?  We’ve added the Excel format to several of our standard out-of-the-box reports.

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