A 360 Degree Risk View of Your Vendors with Alyne and Security Scorecard

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Recently, Alyne’s third party risk management capabilities became a whole lot more powerful with the introduction of the SecurityScorecard integration which offers users a comprehensive 360 degree risk view of their third party dependancies. Read more about how you can power-up your vendor governance process with the help of Alyne and SecurityScorecard.

Vendor Resiliency And Integrity Across Your Extended Enterprise

Organisations cannot operate in silos. Meeting business objectives, creating value and delivering critical services more often than not require dependencies on third party vendors. This complex and interconnected ecosystem creates a critical need for the correct identification and evaluation of risks that result from working with vendors – after all, a vulnerability with a third party can often result in a direct risk to your organisation.

Alyne’s risk management technology is focused not only on securing the inner walls of the enterprise, but also on providing risk insight, resiliency and integrity across your extended enterprise.

Recently, Alyne’s third party risk management capabilities became a whole lot more powerful with the introduction of SecurityScorecard – a leading cyber security risk rating platform – available right within the Alyne platform. By combining SecurityScorecard’s powerful external vendor analysis with Alyne’s in-depth internal analysis of your suppliers, you are able to obtain a true 360 degree risk view of those organisations supporting your value creation, and power-up your third party risk management process.

Automated Security Ratings Through SecurityScorecard Integration

SecurityScorecard helps to improve the cyber health and risk posture of your entire vendor ecosystem, enabling you to continuously identify vulnerabilities, monitor and manage risk through algorithms that generate A-F security ratings. The data gathered by SecurityScorecard on vendors is based on security issue findings across 10 risk factor groups: Network Security, DNS Health, Patching Cadence, Endpoint Security, IP Reputation, Web Application Security, Cubit Score, Hacker Chatter, Information Leak and Social Engineering. 

The automatic and continuously updated cyber security ratings on vendors enable organisations to understand their security posture and make informed business decisions in an efficient manner. Incorporating the powerful SecurityScorecard technology into Alyne, provides another way to analyse your vendors, through automation and deeper report insights.

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6 Steps to Powered-Up Vendor Governance Processes in Alyne

At Alyne, we are focused on providing leading organisations with a next-generation solution for creating comprehensive risk insights to confidently assess and manage your third party risk. With the added power of SecurityScorecard, CISOs, CIOs and other stakeholders are able to launch a 360 degree risk view of their vendors in 6 steps:

  1. Configure your Vendor Management Workflow
    Start fast with zero-code vendor governance workflows that follow your organisational processes. Categorise your vendors by risk exposure and other criteria and customise your questionnaire to refine your analysis.

  2. Gather SecurityScorecard Rating
    Gain instant data and information on your vendors through SecurityScorecard’s platform where various security performance indicators are automatically updated. Filter and sort your vendor portfolio based on security criteria in real-time.

  3. Launch Assessments
    Alyne’s at scale Assessments provide a detailed analysis of your vendors. Simply configure response rules to get your desired level of assurance from the Assessment. Then, leverage Alyne’s Controls Library to make sure you are asking the right questions and getting meaningful answers in compliance with various standards, laws and regulations.

  4. Analyse Maturity Details
    Advanced analytics enable you to pinpoint uncertainty in performance and potential sources of risk in Assessment responses, and automate risk identification and qualification using Alyne’s risk analytics based on more than 1500 risk graphs.

  1. Benchmark and Aggregate Vendor Portfolio
    Gather real-time insights by combining Campaigns into Assessment Containers to analyse similar data points and compare or aggregate results. Benchmark vendor cohorts in the context of standards, laws and regulations.

  1. Continuously Manage Vendor Risk
    Integrate vendor insights into your Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), by executing the full risk lifecycle of your vendors, from status and review workflows, on an asset or portfolio basis. Furthermore, quantify vendor risk using Alyne’s quantification and simulation tools and generate custom reporting in the Risk Register dashboard.

Alyne enables your organisation to manage, assess, and report on risk and controls across the extended enterprise of third party relationships. For all Alyne Customers, leveraging the new SecurityScorecard service is simple. The activation is entirely and taken care of within Alyne, and works seamlessly with all of your existing data integrations.

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