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Announcing a First: Blockchain Comes To Workflow Automation

Kelli Negro |

For enterprises concerned about security, encryption and data protection, blockchain has been held up as the eventual solution to every challenge from medical recordkeeping to identity management, provenance documentation, even food traceability and more.

We’re very proud to announce ThinkSmart has taken the “eventual” out of that promise with the launch of BlockAudit, allowing workflow audit trails to be seamlessly stored in a private Ethereum blockchain.

It’s a first in the Digital Transaction Management industry. We can honestly say, without hyperbole, that BlockAudit is the right solution at the right time for our customers.

Why? I don’t think we need to restate the obvious about the dangers of conducting business on the web, not after the Equifax debacle of the past weeks. Present-day security and identity solutions aren’t adequate when confronted with the always-evolving black hat skills of the bad guys, and the human errors that create vulnerabilities within organizations. Some of the latter are so egregious you’re tempted to laugh until you realize the costs and dangers they’re creating.

A new paradigm in peace of mind…

BlockAudit allows a workflow’s audit trail data to be seamlessly stored in its blockchain, keeping a permanent record of all transactions, making it the perfect ledger for different actions within a workflow. Thus, SaaS-based workflows become independently auditable at a new, unprecedented level. This makes BlockAudit a perfect solution for the financial industry, government, legal services, and others where security and compliance are paramount.

Peace of mind is in short supply when it comes to digital security these days, and BlockAudit was designed from the ground up to restore some of that.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t give full credit to the team behind BlockAudit. It’s their tremendous ingenuity and hard work that’s turned a compelling idea into a workable reality, one that will bring all the benefits of blockchain to workflow automation and DTM.


We’ll have more to say about blockchain, its potential for workflow automation and digital transformation, and the absolute need for it in the current digital security and governance landscape in the very near future. Until then, please read our Block Audit press release to find out more.