CLOC 2020 Workflow Automation
CLOC 2020 Workflow Automation

At CLOC 2020, Legal Tech Experts Explored Building a Roadmap to Resilience

How do you build a future-proof legal technology stack, one that can help an organization weather crisis and return value long into the future?

That was the subject of the session Mitratech hosted at 2020 CLOC Global Institute, Building a Future-Proof Legal Tech Stack.  

George Chiu, Director, Systems Development at Prudential, and Yuka Tzaveras, Sr. Manager, Legal Ops at Electronic Arts, were joined by our own Brian McGovern, General Manager, Workflow Solutions at Mitratech and former SVP for data and Legal Ops at a leading global insurance firm, for a panel moderated by Steven O’Donnell, Mitratech’s Director of Product Marketing and Sales Enablement.

All three of the panelist can be properly defined as “Legal Operations pioneers,” having been responsible for significant early technology adoption and integration within the legal departments of major companies.

CLOC 2020 Workflow Automation

Much of what was covered in the session was previewed in a recent post.  But, being a wide-open discussion, the experts expanded their thoughts and addressed a lot of key questions, both from Steven and from among the 300+ online attendees who watched and listened.

What were some of those questions?

  • What have their (valuable) experiences been with regard to technology implementations?  Among them, they’ve led Legal Operations technology adoption at major corporations, and have learned through trial and error what the best steps are to take along that path to ensure a tech investment keeps returning long-term value.
  • What’s a bedrock technology in future-proofing a legal tech stack?  There are a number of solutions to invest in, but which one makes the most sense as a cornerstone for the rest of technology transformation?
  • What about the importance of scalability? Not just in technology, but in the people and processes that have to work in concert with them.
  • How should legal departments be thinking about technology integrations?  Are there logical, natural places to use them, and how can they help reduce redundancy and inefficiency?

Want to see the complete session?

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