Join Mitratech for some candid conversations on workflow automation at Interact 2023.
Join Mitratech for some candid conversations on workflow automation at Interact 2023.

Embracing Change: Exploring the Future of Workflow Automation at Interact 2023

Emily Bogin |

Workflow automation can be incredibly beneficial for businesses of all sizes, helping streamline processes, reduce manual data entry, and save time and money. In fact, at a time when 94% of workers still say that they have too much manual work, 90% of knowledge workers name workflow automation as a tool that improves both productivity and workplace satisfaction. In 2023, workflow automation is no longer a new phenomenon in the corporate world, but central to how companies — and their employees — understand their work.

That’s why it’s always a key cross-functional topic at Mitratech’s Annual User Conference and Tech Expo. At this year’s Interact Conference, leaders and professionals are getting together to discuss the topics at the forefront of the workflow automation conversation. What are some of the most pressing questions facing the teams currently leveraging this technology, and where is workflow heading in 2024 and beyond? Let’s dive in. 

Where in the workflow does technology meet leadership?

Leaders know that introducing new technology, or even solving common pain points, can make employees anxious. Harvard Public Leadership professor Ronald Heifetz once became famous for his perspective on change management: “People don’t fear change; they fear loss.”

Leaders are taking note of these change management dynamics in the face of exciting — but equally overwhelming — new ways of work. Implementing new legal technology (like workflow automation) means you can streamline processes and elevate department efficiency — but it doesn’t just change how you do the work; it also changes how you think about your work.

While automation opens the door to real, data-driven decisions around staffing, spend, and workload, a department’s ability to successfully implement and definitively measure (and showcase!) ROI across the broader organization is what will separate the best from the rest. 

Join the conversation at Interact

Hear how operations professionals are coming together to think about harnessing change and emerging tech — like workflow automation — to improve and elevate their teams, processes, and even personal career goals.

On Tuesday, October 3rd, Interact will host a panel titled, “TAPping Into Success,” dedicated to the key leadership takeaways from four business leaders and legends: Connie Brenton from NetApp and, Jessica Vander-Ploeg from OpenText, Julie Richer from Bath & Body Works, and Brian McGovern, Executive Director of CLC Solutions at Mitratech. 

They will speak to these questions and will divulge their secrets, exploring:

  • How they’re partnering with cross-functional leadership to get ROI-based buy-in
  • Which workflows make for quick wins 
  • How they’re driving user adoption 
  • Key lessons learned around enabling transformation and growth that are now standard operating practice in their careers 
  • How they’re changing the culture of the legal department in a new world of legal work 

Check out the agenda here. 

How can you get your organization “tech-ready” with automation?

If you have felt like the past year has rocketed the conversation forward regarding artificial intelligence, business process automation, and agile approaches to institutional challenges, you’re not alone. When Mitratech’s TAP team toured 7 cities across the country this year — listening to workflow success stories from companies spanning industries, sizes, and more — they learned that legal professionals are asking (and answering!) how to turn workflow automation into the connective tissue in an evolving technology ecosystem, especially when it comes to elevating readiness for the tech advancements we all know are coming. 

Join the conversation at Interact

On Wednesday, October 4th, an Interact panel of workflow leaders will deliver the TAP on Tour Encore we’ve all been waiting for — a conversation that goes beyond workflow implementation and journeys into the world of new technology developments.

Come ready to talk about the institutional readiness needed for the emerging tech wave that is coming, why the legal profession is one of the first homes for this type of change, and how to equip yourself to be a critical player in that landscape (starting with workflow automation and TAP). 

Check out the agenda here. 


New Orleans is Calling Interact 2023

Where to start: How do you get your hands dirty with workflow automation?

every team has mastered every best practice, tip, or trick to make the most of their solutions and automated processes. Take a “legal front door” workflow, for example. Long-hailed as a cornerstone workflow for a legal operations department, it’s not one that needs to start from scratch: there are templates to build from and experts to talk shop with. Connecting back to the current conversation on institutional readiness – workflow automation is a flexible tool that enables you to respond with agility to new challenges, but it also solves common, everyday challenges that are not “on the tech horizon” but present today.

Join the conversation at Interact

At this year’s Interact Conference, there are two sessions perfect for business leaders looking to apply automation to new processes or elevate their existing workflows. On Wednesday, October 4th, a panel titled, “Building Workflow Bridges: Learn How To Create A ‘Legal Front Door’” will offer pro-tips on how to create a legal intake service request portal, as a panel of workflow veterans share invaluable insights and practical tips for optimizing its success. 

Later in the afternoon, another panel geared towards those looking to get started with automation will share best practices for diving right in. Cutting Your (Gator) Teeth: Build Your First Workflow Workshop will be a hands-on workshop where participants will learn how to build their first workflow, or troubleshoot and test ones that they have been working on!

Check out the agenda here. 

We hope you can join these workflow automation conversations in NOLA!

In less than a month, Mitratech will be hosting our annual user conference, Interact, bringing together clients, workflow experts, thought leaders and more to discuss the most pressing questions facing our users today. We’ll discuss the contemporary challenges that today’s leaders face, and how workflow automation is one tool that can address not only individual pain points, but one that can help leaders rethink how they are approaching their tech stacks and their perspectives on the future of legal operations. 

And workflow automation is only one portion of the conversation! We’ll be diving into cross-functional topics like DEI, AI vs. EI, risk management and more — all brought to you by a star-studded lineup of speakers and sponsors and wrapped in an experience unlike any other event! Still interested in attending from October 2-5 in New Orleans? Secure your pass today!

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