The Interact Awards: 2023 Mitratech Partner of the Year
The Interact Awards: 2023 Mitratech Partner of the Year

The Interact Awards: 2023 Mitratech Partner of the Year

[Contributor:] Kevin Clem 

A quick word from Harbor, Mitratech’s 2023 Partner of the Year!

After an informative and exciting first day of sessions at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, Interact 2023 attendees dressed up in their red carpet best and strutted across the street to the Orpheum Theater for Mitratech’s Annual Interact Awards Dinner and Ceremony.

Created to shine a spotlight on industry-shaping innovation and excellence within the Mitratech community, this year’s Interact Awards celebrated over 30 nominees across 9 categories, including a new Interact Award, the “Overall Partner of the Year.”

The Interact Awards: 2023 Mitratech Partner of the Year

About the award: Mitratech Partner of the Year

The “Overall Partner of the Year” recognition highlights members of Mitratech’s partner ecosystem who have made outstanding community contributions through exceptional synergy, collaboration, and a focus on mutual growth. This year, Harbor was named the winner for “setting a benchmark for industry excellence when it comes to executing a strategic vision and creating measurable success through a symbiotic partnership,” as the Mitratech team put it in their award acknowledgments.

About Our Partnership and Projects 

HBR and KP Labs have had long-standing strategic partnerships with Mitratech, and the joining of these partners, now as Harbor, has only strengthened that collaboration. Over the past 12 months, our teams have launched a number of new projects, including the kickoff of our first workflow automation roadshow known as “TAP on Tour.”

In case you haven’t heard about our TAP on Tour Event series – this spring, the Harbor and TAP teams visited 7 cities, met with 70+ attendees, and learned about what customers are workflow-ing. We heard success stories of implementation and transformation and cheered on users as they won over the hearts and minds of their teams with TAP. Customer feedback was a big part of TAP on Tour, and the insights we gained from corporate legal departments have elevated the conversation around creative and user-friendly workflow implementations.

Today, TAP is being used in about 4,000 different ways, and our shared goal is to help users learn from the community on which processes to workflow, how to get buy-in, what it takes to drive user adoption, and how to create workflow rockstars across your organization.

We can’t wait to see what comes next from this partnership!

To see more of the 2023 Interact Awards, please visit our event photo gallery.

About Harbor 

Harbor is the preeminent provider of expert services across strategy, legal technology, operations, and intelligence.

Our globally integrated team of 650+ strategists, technologists, and specialists navigates alongside our clients – leading law firms, corporations, and their law departments – to provide essential resources and invaluable insights.

Anchored in a rich heritage of deep knowledge, steadfast relationships, and mutual respect, our unwavering dedication lies in shaping the future of the legal industry, and fostering enduring partnerships within our community and ecosystem.    


Kevin Clem – Chief Growth Officer, Harbor

Kevin Clem serves as Chief Growth Officer, leading the go-to-market organization – client engagement, client operations and client success teams – to maximize the value of the client experience, develop new client relationships, and fuel business growth. With over 20 years of consulting experience, Kevin has served as a trusted advisor to law departments and law firms, focusing on improving operational efficiency and optimizing legal operations.

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