Jason Parkman Praises the Power of Connection
Jason Parkman Praises the Power of Connection

Jason Parkman Praises the Power of Connection

Kelli Negro |

CLOC Institute 2018 was, for a lot of reasons, the best imaginable place to announce how Mitratech was acquiring ThinkSmart. As Mitratech CEO Jason Parkman points out in a new blog post, the connections enabled by CLOC were only the beginning of something even greater for Legal Ops.

Jason and ThinkSmart CEO Paul Hirner, and their respective teams, first met at CLOC Institute 2016. The connection there? The obvious synergies between TeamConnect and TAP, and their potential to deliver actual, tangible digital transformation for Legal Operations teams and the enterprises they serve.

The power of this connection not only simplifies our client’s lives, but it positions the legal department to be at the center of evolution for the entire company. The bottom line is that people are looking to take the legal department out of its silo in order to make deeper connections than previously thought possible, benefiting the organization as a whole. Mitratech+ThinkSmart will make that possible. I am confident we will reflect on this moment as one of the most important in Mitratech’s history.

That idea of forging connections is wholly in the spirit of CLOC, he notes. The connections created between Mitratech and ThinkSmart will enable more efficient connections within Legal Ops teams, and between those teams and other parts of an organization, with outside counsel, and so on.

The technologies themselves are built around seamless, empowering connections, both with people and established platforms.

The net result of bringing all of these together? A transformed Legal Ops and a transformed enterprise that’s truly greater than the sum of its parts. And the opening of a new frontier for legal departments insightful enough to embrace this evolution.

Jason Parkman, Connie Brenton & Paul Hirner at CLOC 2018

Please check out his comments, and follow the Mitratech blog for even more insight and illumination on the future of Legal Operations!