The legal technology trends of CLOC 2018
The legal technology trends of CLOC 2018

The Legal Technology Trends of CLOC 2018

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CLOC Institute 2018 obviously will always hold a certain special place in our memory, but there were plenty of other reasons it was a standout gathering.

The legal technology trends in evidence this year were high on that list. Some new, some old, and all of them compelling, as Legal Operations continues a rapid evolution where technology is a linchpin of its progress.

At The ThinkSmart Blog, Paul Hirner has delved into some of the more outstanding legal technology trends on display in Las Vegas. For instance, the pervasive culture of collaboration throughout the entire Legal Operations universe has really begun driving tangible tech progress and profitability for everyone – legal professionals, clients and technology providers alike.

Other trends he digs into? The rise of data and analytics, including the notion of transparent data sharing between companies and outside counsel, and how cybersecurity in legal tech is a concern that’s drawing the urgent attention it deserves.

Paul also touches on the fact that Legal Ops leaders are recognizing how we’ve arrived at a moment of sudden legal tech proliferation. His advice? Now’s the right time for them to step back and make a sober assessment of what tools they’ll truly need to accomplish digital transformation.

It’s an involving account of some of the major legal technology trends that’ll be driving the legal industry forward this year and beyond, so give it a look.