Legal Reimagined- Tips for the contract management process
Legal Reimagined- Tips for the contract management process

Walking the Talk: Leveraging Legal Tech Synergy for Peak Power

Emily Bogin |

Our relationships change us; we are not as individualized and disconnected as we may think. We know from our technology systems that any solution that works with another solution must be open to it.  Especially for a legal department.

A USB drive may store information, but without a USB port at hand, the drive is mere potential. Without your remote control, your TV only has one channel. Diesel in a gas-powered car ruins the engine; a Tesla has little use for an old-fashioned gas station.

Legal Department SynergyEach legal technology serving your legal department tech stack has to be open to other technologies: a closed technology is impotent, useless. There is a reason that synergy is the watchword for technology companies today: coming from the Greek words “working together,” it leads up to understand that we cannot work alone. Working alone is just standing still: it’s not work at all.

That’s why, with every new technology that a legal department looks to purchase, they first look at what they have. Is your new tech a connector or a standalone? Is the new technology going to empower the tools you already have at hand, or is it boxing you out from taking advantage of your full stack?

Legal Reimagined: Conquering Today’s Challenges with Tomorrow’s Technology

Integrating matter management, legal management, and workflow automation

Legal departments are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and depend on complex softwares to stay on top of their ever growing list of responsibilities. When a legal department purchases a new technology, they must ensure that it works with their current systems.

Integrations take priority, and often, a legal department looks for software applications that have more integrations than they need because we don’t know what the future holds. Why buy a piece of equipment that can only respond to one command? How does that prepare you for a future that is still full of undiscovered opportunities?

It is for these reasons that our Director of Product Management for TeamConnect for Team Connect, Kim Howard, has been focusing on synergies and symbiosis in the latest product releases. Howard explains that symbiosis is necessary when we look to the demands of growing legal departments:

“The evolution of sophisticated workflow needs within legal departments has driven us to continue to deepen the capabilities, and the complementary capabilities between a legal department’s system of record and workflow engine provide endless possibilities.”

We have always placed importance on the close relationship between our enterprise legal management software and our workflow engines, but now more than ever, we have brought them together. She explains, “Each one of the applications stands alone magnificently, but together they create endless possibilities to support the evolution of legal department needs.”

When adopted in tandem, their native integrations give them all the capability of a single platform. For all intents and purposes, the two become one. The line blurs to the point of invisibility and indivisibility: the platform doesn’t simply connect technologies but in fact expands them.

Driving synergy across a legal department tech ecosystem

It’s in this sense that we see the need for symbiotic relationships and synergy not just between technologies but between vendors and their legal department customers. When we start thinking about our legal department technologies not just as atomistic solutions but as extensions of our customers’ tech stacks, we begin to see more possibilities and more ways that they can help.

Kim Howard emphasizes that as “legal departments continue to innovate, get more sophisticated in requirements, we respond by strengthening our capabilities and strengthening the relationships between our powerful tools.”

Like powerful technologies, good providers don’t work in isolation, but are driven and inspired by those who work with them and push them to be greater.

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