Measuring Your Levels of Compliance with Alyne’s Continuous Controls Monitoring

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In this article, Head of Product, Stefan Feiler, discusses Alyne’s Continuous Controls Monitoring functionality in detail. A powerful feature that will help your organisation build up an effective and robust compliance management framework over time.

Alyne’s Continuous Controls Monitoring

Controls, which lie at the core of Alyne, are by far the best way of measuring up your individual level of compliance. On the one hand, Controls in Alyne allow you to measure against existing industry standards, and on the other, also provide a measurement against your individually defined policies. Traditionally, one of the most common methods for identifying your compliance requirements and current levels of maturity is to perform Assessments.

Designing Alyne’s Continuous Controls Monitoring Framework

What if you could have the ability to repeatedly run Assessments, which constantly track the maturity levels for your most valuable assets, over time? All while being informed about any compliance weaknesses in real-time, and be able to immediately take action on them?

This is the transformational statement that we posed to ourselves, and designed Alyne’s Continuous Controls feature around. 

The Continuous Controls functionality has been designed with unique Control – Object relations that measure your individual compliance level against certain expectations and criteria. Every record in Continuous Controls consists of a unique Control and a applicable target Object. As an Alyne User, you have the ability to set an expectation as target maturity and constantly track the actual maturity for every record within your organisation.

How do the results contribute to Continuous Controls?

Leveraging Alyne’s Continuous Controls functionality, we have provided two powerful ways of contributing to maturity levels.

1. Highly tailorable Assessments that can be executed to measure levels of compliance across a variety of Controls

The results gathered from Assessments will produce immediate facts that ultimately contribute to the maturity level of the corresponding Continuous Controls.

2. Technical integrations are also able to produce facts

The information fed into Controls, transmitted from technical integrations, will also translate into writing maturity levels on Continuous Controls.

Analytics to visualise your compliance situation

Having a clear picture on how your most important Continuous Controls have developed over time, is absolutely crucial.

This is why we enhanced Alyne’s solution with graphical charts to visualise your compliance situation. Without this automation and bird-eye view representation, it would be a great challenge to inspect every record for immediate trends and contributions that played into both the expected and measured maturity levels. Alyne’s Continuous Controls analytics provides visual deep-dives into every single record. Should you want to inspect over a period of time, you can also outline the full development cycle for each relation, individually.

With Continuous Controls we introduced a powerful solution that provides a clear compliance picture from a visual and data analytics perspective.

Improvements to Alyne’s Continuous Controls

Earlier this year, we made many improvements to the existing Continuous Controls Monitoring, and we envision Alyne’s Continuous Controls to be even better by the end of 2021. You can follow the develoment of this feature, here.

‘Actions’ for Continuous Controls

Going forward, we will be introducing Actions on Continuous Controls. Whenever results via Facts are available, this can often lead to deviations between compliance targets and actual maturity levels. With Actions on Continuous Controls, you will have the ability to immediately react to any compliance weakness that you might have identified. Potential Actions could be opening up a risk or sending out notifications to important stakeholders, for instance.

Based on the individual Continuous Control record, we can provide intelligent suggestions for risks that will most likely fit right into your individual situation, without you needing to type in even a single character.

Compliance beyond CMMI

It turns out that there are many more use cases where using CMMI as a maturity model is simply not enough. We are satisfying those needs by supporting multiple maturity models within Continuous Controls. In fact, as an organisation you can specify any kind of individually customisable maturity model that’s available on all the Continuous Controls in your organisation.

With Alyne’s feature, we pushed hard to get all maturity models in your organisation available on all Continuous Controls records. Whenever results that play into maturity levels are fed into our solution, Alyne can automatically indentify the correct model to contribute it to.

You don’t have to worry about matching up, it just works.


Alyne’s Use Case: Vendor Governance

Within a multi-vendor environment, transparency and traceability are becoming increasingly important. Relevant stakeholders such as procurement, service users, risk managers and management roles need to make informed decisions based on consistent information.

Additionally, the ongoing compliance assurance of vendors with regulatory requirements needs to be ensured, tracked and comprehensible – especially since auditors and supervisory authorities are attaching more and more importance to these topics.

Alyne’s Continuous Controls dashboard satisfies both needs: A one-stop-shop for all vendor related Facts – from compliance assessment data and manually captured aspects, to external information.

Benefits of leveraging Alyne’s Continuous Controls Monitoring for third party risk management

Taking the guesswork out of the Controls process fosters better collaboration across your organisation. All while providing the much-needed transparency and consistency across your Control Framework.

With Continuous Controls, we achieve cross-sectional benefits. Having an always up-to-date compliance picture across your organisation positively contributes to other areas of Alyne, too. Leveraging intelligent suggestions based on compliance weaknesses, you can easily create, monitor and maintain all risks within Alyne. Everything stays connected and your entire organisation becomes more lively and risk-aware than ever before.

Written by Tyler Gowen in collaboration with Felix Schock.

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