The Next Frontier of Legal Ops: Planning and Building Your Legal Technology Ecosystem

Lauren Jackson |

Sometimes it feels like there are a million signs pointed a million different directions when it comes to building a legal technology roadmap. With thousands of legal tech stack options vying for your attention, how do you choose the right one?

The first place to start, according to experts? With strategy and process.

If you don’t have process in place, Brian McGovern states, then legal technology won’t solve any problems, it will just create more problems. Who’s Brian McGovern and what gives him the right to tell anyone else how to solve their tech-stack problems?

While he’d never brag about himself, we have no problem doing it for him. As a former Legal Chief Data Officer, McGovern oversaw the selection and implementation of a legal management, spend management and eBilling solution for his entire enterprise. Needless to say, he’s got some insights to share based on his experience.

His partner in tech? Kevin Clem with HBR Consulting. As managing director and leader of the Law Department Consulting practice, Clem directs large-scale transformation efforts through the alignment of people, processes and technology.

These two experts teamed up to bring you their combined 38 years of industry experience, replete with insights into what makes legal technology successful within an organization.

So what’s the next frontier of legal ops look like and how can you make sure you plan and build your legal tech stack accordingly? Watch their webinar to find out more >>