Platform News You Can Use: TAP’s Latest & Greatest Features
Platform News You Can Use: TAP’s Latest & Greatest Features

Platform News You Can Use: TAP’s Latest & Greatest Features

Kelli Negro |

Just when you think TAP can’t possibly get better…it has. TAP’s workflow automation development team continues to evolve and enhance TAP and this latest release, available now, showcases why ThinkSmart (now Mitratech) is the fastest growing company in business process and digital transaction management (DTM) solutions. The platform continues to transform the user experience and provide state-of-the-art tools for companies to automate their business processes and workflows.

We Listened. We Developed.

Over the past few months, several companies worked closely with Mitratech to help identify features and define functionality to improve upon the existing solution. The goal was to develop features that change the user experience and the way businesses do work. For example, giving users the ability to easily create TAP forms from a PDF, or controlling the CSS style sheet to align with corporate branding, enables users to be more efficient and productive in their busy workday.

This new release is just the springboard for better and faster features to come. TAP has evolved dramatically due to the fact that organizations of all sizes realize the necessity to digitally transform the way they do business,” comments Dillon Knowlton, product manager, Mitratech.

TAP’s Newest and Enhanced Features

TAP users will benefit from these major enhancements, including:

  • Easily create HTML5 TAP forms from a PDF upload. Now, with the new drag and drop PDF feature, save time by quickly building web forms from existing tagged PDFs.
  • Build dynamic document templates which generate instantly based on workflow rules. Conditionally show or hide parts of a document using rules derived from data entered into workflows and forms. Any part of a document can be displayed or hidden based on a rule – including clauses, multiple paragraphs, sentences, individual words, eSignature tags, images, and signature blocks.
  • Integrate dynamic document generation with content sources to facilitate clause management. Centrally manage reusable clauses and reference these clauses when building a new document template. If a clause needs to be changed and is used across many document templates, just change it in one central location and all templates will be automatically updated.
  • Track all documents and files that have passed through TAP with the Document Repository. Users can conduct a full search including terms and keywords in the repository.
  • Increased functionality with expanded CSS styles for forms. Easily export the forms from TAP and embed directly into a website. Custom CSS controls allow web forms to align with company branding styles.

Talk to Us!

We hope you are happily experiencing a few or all of the new features in TAP. We think you’ll be excited about TAP and the direction it is heading. You are always welcome to contact your Mitratech Client Success Representative if you have questions or feature suggestions. We want to hear from you!