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What Are The Top Five Uses of PolicyHub?

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All too often, with a powerful software solution that includes loads of functionality, users are often left to wonder where else should they start using that solution, beyond the immediate problem they bought it for.

That’s certainly the case with PolicyHub, Mitratech’s policy management solution. So here are the top five uses of PolicyHub.

Managing the entire lifecycle of policies

The core use of PolicyHub is the management of the entire lifecycle of policies – from review to publish all the way to report and audit. It starts with using PolicyHub to draft and collaborate on new policies and culminates in using PolicyHub to report on those policies. Along that continuum, PolicyHub is used every step of the way to better manage policies.

Developing policies

A policy doesn’t create itself, it has to be drafted by someone, or more likely, a group of people, with revisions and reviews until people are satisfied with it. And that’s one of the key uses PolicyHub users make of the solution, the creation, development, and drafting of a policy. With PolicyHub, users can easily create a draft of a policy and then, using automated workflows, disseminate that draft to key stakeholders for their edits and review. Then the final version can be stored in PolicyHub as a policy.

Disseminating policies

A policy has little value if it just put up on an organization’s intranet and left there. To be effective, a policy has to get in the hands of the right people. And that’s one of the key uses people make of PolicyHub, disseminating policies to employees who are affected by those policies. With PolicyHub and its integration with an organization’s HR system containing employee data, companies can easily send out policies to only those who need to see them, such as those in certain countries or business units, or even by age.

Storing policies in a central place

Companies use PolicyHub as a central place to store all their policies. At many companies today, policies are housed in disparate systems by different groups. Human Resources might store their policies in one place, while Information Technology stores their policies someplace else, and Risk and Compliance stores their policies in still another place. Companies are using PolicyHub to bring all those into one central place, and organizing them in a systematic way to make access for employees as easy as possible.

Attesting to policies

In today’s world, it’s often not good enough for employees to have read a policy. Instead, many of the policies put out by organizations today require that employees acknowledge or attest to the policy. And that’s one of the critical uses of PolicyHub today, to have employees attest to the policy once they have read it. But it’s more than that. Users also rely on PolicyHub to track and report on who has attested the policies, providing management a clear view into policy acknowledgement.

These are just some of the more popular uses that PolicyHub clients make of the solution. These same clients use PolicyHub for so much more, including some ingenious ways you’d be very surprised about. To discover more about PolicyHub, its capabilities and how you can benefit from it, look here.

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