Welcome to the Mitratech Family, Infiniglobe!
Welcome to the Mitratech Family, Infiniglobe!

Welcome to the Family, Infiniglobe!

Lauren Jackson |

InfiniGlobe, a leader in professional legal technology consulting, recently announced that they would join the Mitratech family as a Certified Partner.

“Our goal is to help legal departments select, enhance, and maintain their technology tools,” said Mori Kabiri, CEO of InfiniGlobe. “In assessing client needs, it’s important to us to listen carefully and pay attention to the details.”

This is an exciting partnership for Mitratech, since InfiniGlobe professionals are fully versed in the nuances of our TeamConnect legal management platform, with decades of experience in implementing and enhancing its product suites.

“Today, the role of the legal department is expanding across the organization,” said Mark Delgado, General Manager of EMEA and APAC at Mitratech. “Given that recent shift, it’s more important than ever that the right technology is in place. We look forward to working with InfiniGlobe to ensure client success.”

For more, read the full press release here.

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