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What’s New & Improved In DataStore 4.0? You’ll Never Guess…

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DataStore is already a powerful and robust enterprise content management (ECM) system purpose-built for the Financial Services sector. It gives companies complete control over the capture, indexing, archival, accessibility, delivery and retention of every item of business-critical information.

But we knew we could make it better. And in particular, we knew we could make workflow automation and reporting much better than what’s available from any comparable product. So what are the new features in DataStore 4.0 that were developed with the help of real-world users?

User-created automated workflows

We started by asking ourselves, what are the biggest challenges faced by users who are trying to integrate other workflow automation tools into ECM? The first challenge we discovered was the need for those users to involve IT in the design of workflows. The creation of workflows using last-generation software is often such a complicated process that users rely heavily, if not exclusively, on IT.

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All too often, they get frustrated with this because they give up a certain degree of control and are forced to rely on others. IT gets frustrated because they’re busy creating automated workflows when they often have more critical tasks to focus on.

DataStore 4.0 changes that dynamic and flips it on its head. With this newest version, users are empowered with the ability to easily create their own workflows with little to no assistance from IT. Using an intuitive interface, users simply drag and drop the elements they need to create a workflow. They don’t have to know code to design these workflows and they don’t need to rely on IT if they don’t want to. The power is in their hands.

Users design their own interface

The second challenge we discovered for people using workflow automation tools to help streamline ECM? The user interface. More specifically, the user interface is often the same for all users of a given workflow solution. And while it might contain information relevant to a certain user, more often than not?  It also contains information or functions that aren’t relevant to them, but are instead relevant to another role.

Then there’s the layout of the UI: It’s often a fixed layout that users can’t adjust to the way they work. Instead, users have to adjust themselves to the interface configuration.  That’s simply wrong.

That’s all remedied with DataStore 4.0, which doesn’t lock users into a fixed workflow user interface. Instead, they’re empowered to create their own UI based on the information they need and how they work best, not on the information needs and the work patterns of others. ECM users simply drag and drop the elements they want to see and arrange them in a way that works best for them. The end result? An interface that improves their efficiency and maximizes their productivity.

Better reporting

But empowering ECM users to create their own workflows and design their own interfaces aren’t the only new features in DataStore 4.0.  Its reporting capabilities have also been enhanced. With Business Intelligence Reporting, users can easily build their own reports and dashboards. And once built, these dashboards can be easily shared with colleagues with just a few clicks. Users can also subscribe to them and have results emailed automatically.

The new functionality built into DataStore 4.0 significantly accelerates core organizational tasks such as account opening, case management and audit reporting. And with that acceleration, customer problems are resolved faster, transactions are completed more quickly and reporting easily gets into the hands of the people who need it. The end result is a better experience for the client’s customers and greater efficiency throughout the organization.

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We’ll be taking a deeper dive into these new features of DataStore 4.0 and demonstrating our class-leading FinServ ECM product on our upcoming webinar, What’s New in DataStore 4.0.  For existing DataStore users or those contemplating adoption alike, it’ll be a valuable experience in learning what a best-in-class ECM solution can deliver for FinServ organizations.  So register today.


Webinar: What's New in DataStore 4.0

Explore the new features - like workflow automation integration - that are keeping it on the cutting edge of FinServ ECM.