Immigration Tech
Immigration Tech

Why Immigration Tech Is Important For Your Organization

Shay Misra |

Thousands of ever-evolving rules & regulations, copious amounts of documents, meticulous form-filling requirements, and numerous and strict deadlines to meet: Today’s immigration service providers face a multitude of compliance demands, requiring extensive staffing hours and meticulous attention to detail.

In 2021 and beyond, technology has come to the rescue. Why is immigration tech important for your organization? The complex immigration application procedures of today simply demand it. If you’re a corporation, immigration law firm or staffing specialist, choosing your immigration tech vendor wisely provides a huge boost in operational efficiency, while keeping you compliant and secure.

Operational efficiency: Make it automatic

Spending countless employee hours on tedious, repetitive tasks such as data entry, document tracking, completion, and vetting is not the best use of staff time. An elite case management tool automates these tasks, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

A secure cloud-based central repository for all data is absolutely crucial in today’s new world order. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the work-from-home framework to unprecedented levels. With employees operating remotely, and immigration applicants located around the world, cloud-based global access is a must. Your workflow should include the sharing of documents, monitoring and tracking activity on cases, and building real-time collaboration.

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Easy integration with your existing HR platforms, and with USCIS, should also be seamless in any high-performing immigration tech software.

Compliance: Be in the Know

With over 2,000 immigration forms and questionnaires to potentially deal with, and updates occurring at any time, you can’t afford to be without a case management tool that boasts a comprehensive library of all of those documents, and delivers updates almost as they happen. Missing out on a form or a revision could lead to a failure to be compliant, and a negative case outcome.

A smart automated approach also solves compliance issues, by eliminating careless errors, which can often be the result of laborious manual data entry. The system should also send alerts and notifications for case deadlines, expiration dates, and other compliance requirements.

Security: Protecting customer data

Cybercrimes have escalated exponentially in the COVID-19 age, and the recent data breach of an immigration law firm highlights the importance of a secure cloud-based platform. In this particular cyberattack, I-9 form data was accessed — a form that contains volumes of sensitive applicant information. This kind of data breach can be devastating to the client, and to your business.

A case management tool that has strict user and access management protocols is critical. Look for multi-factor authentication as an added layer of security to ensure that customer data is protected, while still allowing authorized access on multiple secure platforms.

Extensive and constantly changing regulatory requirements leave today’s immigration service providers no choice but to ensure they are informed, efficient, compliant, and secure. Technology is here to help — if you choose wisely.

A World of Paperwork: Immigration service providers who must deal with matters in multiple markets may have to contend with over 2,000 different immigration forms and questionnaires.

Mitratech’s INSZoom is one such solution. By offering global case management support in a secure, cloud-based environment, this tool updates its library of over 2,000 immigration forms within 24-48 hours of a new document’s release. It has intuitive automated case management technology, for the operational efficiency needed to deal with the immigration challenges of 2021.