Workflow Automation Q&A #3: How Long Does It Take to Build a Workflow?
Workflow Automation Q&A #3: How Long Does It Take to Build a Workflow?

Workflow Automation Q&A #3: How Long Does It Take to Build a Workflow?

Kelli Negro |

We’re back with another installment of “Workflow Automation Q&A.” We’re excited to bring you behind-the-scenes again to talk with one of our team members to answer some of our customers’ most frequently-asked questions, and this time around, we’ve got one that comes up nearly all the time. To answer it, there’s nobody better than our Director of Solutions and Pro Services, Ben Bogin!

Question: How long does it really take to build a workflow? Be honest now!

Ben Bogin

Ben: It can really vary from workflow to workflow. At Mitratech we LOVE to think about workflows, so whether you’re just starting to think about a new workflow for your organization or are ready to fully automate your system, we can help at each stage of the process.

For example, some TAP users can build an entire workflow in an hour or two, while others could take a few weeks, depending on how complicated and how fleshed out it is. The beauty of TAP is that with the easy drag-and-drop workflows and support from our team members you get, we can help you automate any of those mundane processes quickly and easily. The key is just getting it started, we can guide you through the rest.

Here’s a related question: Do I need to be able to code or involve IT to build out my process?

Ben: No, not at all. That’s largely possible because of the simple drag-and-drop UI that doesn’t demand they have programming knowledge. In contrast, other workflow tools pretty often require a certain level of technical expertise which makes the design process inaccessible to a fair number of people within an organization. That also tends to slow down development and implementation.

So, from an IT perspective, the way TAP works provides improved transparency for users who want to have a good, quick grasp of the solution they’ve been given, and that means time and effort are saved during implementation. It’s one of the benefits we get a lot of positive feedback about, to be honest.

While there are instances where you will need IT support for integrations with 3rd party apps, for the most part as soon as we launch with our customers, they’re ready to start automating workflow on their own from day one.

Ben is a Director of Solutions and Pro Services who spends his time doing all things workflow–building them, talking about them, and implementing them. In his free time, he likes to bike, drink beer, and make bread. Not all at the same time, we hope!