A step-by-step guide to outlining strategic alignment for your contract lifecycle management system and ensuring stakeholder buy-in.

To solve many of the frustrations associated with poor contract management — including missing automatic renewals or terminations, a breach of contract due to lack of monitoring, etc. — forward-thinking organizations are introducing Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) to their portfolios. From initial drafting and negotiation through the approval process, a modern CLM solution accelerates each stage and touchpoint of the contract lifecycle with reliable, data-driven technology.

But before you can modernize contracting processes with a CLM solution, you’ll need to create a compelling business case to secure executive buy-in. Your goal is to paint a picture of how this investment will align with broader organizational initiatives, deliver quick time-to-value, and secure ROI. When executed properly, your business case should not only inspire stakeholders to support your project but get them excited about the potential outcomes of a successful implementation.

Download the eBook today for step-by-step insights on how you can build a CLM business case that:
  • Appeals to the specific qualitative and quantitative benefits desired by each department leader in turn, such as the GC, CFO, COO, CIO, CPO, and CRO
  • Outlines a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis with itemized visibility 
  • Highlight the top six core sources of value from a modern CLM solution
  • Proactively addresses the primary roadblocks associated with implementation and adoption

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