Unconscious Bias: The Sneaky Culprit Behind Bad Hires

Building a high-performing team starts with attracting and selecting the best talent. But even the most well-intentioned hiring managers can fall victim to a silent threat: unconscious bias. While many people actively work to avoid biases they know they have – it’s harder to avoid something you do unconsciously.

In this infographic, we break down the different types of interview bias and how they can appear in your interviews, including:

  • Halo/Horn Effect
  • Recency Bias
  • Affinity Bias
  • Central Tendency Bias
  • and more!

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Interview Bias Infographic

Who Needs To Know About Interview Bias?

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Hiring Managers

Understanding these biases helps ensure choices are objective and aligned with the needs of the role and the team.

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By mitigating bias, interviewers focus on a candidate’s skills, experience, and fit, leading to a more accurate assessment.

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Recognizing unconscious bias helps recruiters evaluate candidates on qualifications – not personal characteristics.

Build a strong, diverse team that fuels your company’s success – download your free infographic today!

Download our infographic to gain a deeper understanding of these interview biases and discover practical strategies to overcome them. You probably don’t even know you are doing a lot of these things, and it’s hurting your company.


Why Should You Download Our Interview Bias Infographic?

Uncover Hidden Hiring Costs: Learn how unconscious bias hinders your ability to build a strong and successful team.

Boost Your Hiring Objectivity:
Gain insights into common interview biases and practical strategies to overcome them.

Build a More Diverse Team:
Discover how unconscious bias perpetuates homogeneity and understand how diverse teams foster innovation.

Free and Easy Access:
Get valuable information at no cost, with a downloadable infographic for easy reference during the hiring process. No need to put in your personal information!

Become a More Ethical Employer:
Promote fair and objective hiring practices.

Download Our Interview Bias Infographic
Interview Biases to Improve the Hiring Process

Understanding Interview Biases to Improve the Hiring Process

Recruiters and hiring managers must ensure they’re attracting and selecting the best talent, regardless of background. Unconscious bias can get in the way of making good hires without us really knowing it.

This infographic equips you with knowledge of common biases. Download it today to learn more and improve your hiring processes.

You never know what great hires you could be overlooking!

Build a More Diverse Team By Eliminating Interview Bias

Leaders who understand the value of diverse perspectives and want to create a more inclusive work environment need to tackle unconscious interview bias.

This infographic highlights how unconscious bias can hinder diversity efforts in small, pervasive ways that can end up impacting your entire workforce.

Diverse Teams Can Eliminate Interview Bias

Unconscious Bias is Costing You Top Talent. Download the Free Fix!

Stop missing out on your best candidates simply because of unconscious bias. It’s something we all have, but you can fight against it and win the war for talent by overcoming it. But you need to know the signs first! Download our infographic without entering any personal information!


How Does Interview Bias Impact Your Workforce?

Unconscious bias rooted in the interview process has a ripple effect throughout your workplace, impacting everything from recruitment and promotion to team dynamics and company culture.

Qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds might be overlooked during hiring, leading to a lack of representation. Without that representation, future top talent will be overlooked due to a specific type of interview bias.

This stifles innovation and creativity, which never helps an organization. Stop interview bias in its tracks by learning the signs and the types. You’ll be surprised which ones you have encountered in hiring! Download now.

Interview Bias Impact Your Workforce

Test your awareness of unconscious bias and receive tips to become a more objective interviewer. Our infographic breaks down the MOST COMMON types of bias in interviews.


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