How HDI / Talanx Group enhanced its Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) processes worldwide with the help of Mitratech’s GRC platform.

HDI, a brand of Talanx Group, dedicated to deliver insurance solutions to retail customers and industrial clients, sought a solution that would allow proper risk communication and reporting, enable a global risk register and ensure a positive UX.

Talanx is the third-largest German insurance group in terms of premium income and one of the largest in Europe. The Hannover-based company is active in more than 150 countries. 

The Talanx Group operates as a multi-brand provider with a focus on B2B insurance.

The group’s companies operate under a number of different brands. These include HDI, delivering insurance solutions to retail customers and industrial clients.

Companies of the HDI brand operate internationally especially in the core markets of Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

Learn how Mitratech’s Alyne GRC platform enhanced their ERM processes worldwide. Plus, take an insider look at HDI’s pursuit of building a business ecosystem for small and medium sized enterprises in Latin America.

The implementation of Mitratech’s Alyne within HDI was decided based upon three superior attributes:
  • Intuitive design & UX quality
  • Simplification of existing ERM processes
  • Global network scalability and implementation

“The main purpose of implementing a SaaS solution in the organization is to get people, outside the risk management team, to communicate potential risks to our unit as they encounter them.

Therefore, we don’t need a tool for risk managers, we need a tool that allows us to involve the entire global organization.”

Elena Warneke, Risk Manager at HDI / Talanx

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