Control your legal spend, make data-driven decisions, and mitigate risk with the help of digital assistance for legal teams.

Today’s legal teams spend just 2.5 hours each business day on billable work. And the rest of the day? In addition to time-consuming administrative tasks like tracking hours, teams are responsible for gathering data, organizing forms, and finding documents that may be lost in a sea of back-and-forth emails.

Repetitive responsibilities like invoice review and overseeing NDAs can start to feel overwhelming when they pile up. To fight this fatigue, many organizations are turning to digital assistance and automation to help their teams, save hundreds of hours and focus on more strategic matters.

Download the one-pager and learn how Mitratech’s emerging technology can help:

  • Minimize legal spend and late nights 
  • Make data-driven decisions 
  • Drive effective risk mitigation 

A Glimpse Of The Mitratech Legal Platform

A solution that offers you a complete end-to-end legal platform that is fully integrated with ELM, CLM, and WFA.