It’s because we provide proven solutions – delivering complete support of claims litigation and in-house legal staff in a single, unified platform.

Do you want to reduce litigation costs, speed time-to-settlement, reduce fraud, and improve the claims experience for the insured? We’ve got the past-proven, future-proofed technology to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

With TeamConnect ELM and TAP Workflow Automation, Mitratech already provides matter, case, legal spend, and process automation solutions to seven of the top ten P&C firms in the world.

7 of the Top 10 P&C insurers use Mitratech

You need a seamless and efficient means for claims teams to assign and escalate claims with potential litigation to staff counsel.

To support staff counsel with end-to-end management of claims where there’s a need to use a blend of staff attorneys and panel counsel firms.

Money IconTo track legal spend for claims litigation within the same system as other legal spend, enhancing visibility and reporting.

For automation of previously manual processes, accelerating the claims lifecycle and improving customer experiences.

ORM Background IconFor a unified platform that eliminates risk caused by redundant, inaccurate, or incomplete data.

To analyze past litigation data to recognize patterns, improve decision-making, and reduce fraud.

Outsourcing IconTo enforce rate negotiation with outside counsel to optimize your legal spend.

How do you benefit?

  • Speed time-to-settlement, reducing litigation risk and exposure.
  • Reduce fraudulent and duplicate claims payouts, since you can now search through previous litigation.
  • Remove the need for inefficient fact-finding back-and-forths between claims adjusters and legal.
  • Improve legal outcomes and reduce spend by using data to make better decisions on litigation, settlements, and OC selection.
  • Allocate disputes among staff and outside counsel more effectively to reduce costs.
  • Digital automation of documents such as engagement letters, release forms, and NDAs improves efficiency and record-keeping and the claims experience for everyone involved.

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