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Pharmaceutical and biotech enterprises face unique legal and compliance challenges; managing them is vital to protecting profit margins and R&D investments. Adding complexity? The industry’s frequent mergers and acquisitions.

Mitratech has the smart, agile, scalable solutions you need for legal and risk management and process automation.  Streamline legal management of patents and testing, securely store data, mine insights, reduce legal and compliance spend, safeguard business continuity and more with our proven products.

How will you benefit?

Securely store and manage legal matters

Securely store and manage legal matters

Within a single source, store and manage matters across all practice areas, regardless of origin.

Secure, trusted platform

Protect and securely access valuable information

Including work handled by outside counsel, labs, investigators and expert witnesses.

Reduce external legal spend

Reduce external legal spend

Cut spend on outside counsel by 5-10% annually with accurate e-billing and invoice error detection.

Automate manual processes

Automate workflows

Connect people and processes to reduce human error, mitigate risk, accelerate execution, and drive 5x to 10x ROI.

Mine actionable insights

Mine actionable insights for precise forecasting

Leverage advanced data analytics to develop accurate budgeting and reporting.


Gain agility to preserve business continuity

Make operations more flexible and adaptable to disruptions or business developments.

Technologies for protection, growth,
and cost savings



The most widely used end-to-end ELM platform trusted by the world’s leading legal departments for managing core legal processes and operations.

TAP Workflow Automation

TAP Workflow Automation

TAP empowers you to automate nearly any repetitive manual process, so you can focus on what’s important: doing the work, not wrestling with workflows.



An easy-to-use, automated SaaS solution for controlling the costs, ensuring the compliance, and mitigating the risks of a legal hold process.

Acuity ELM Essentials Hex Icon

Acuity ELM Essentials

The SaaS legal management solution that provides integrated matter management, e-Billing, outside counsel collaboration tools, and reporting to small and mid-sized legal teams.


Discover and manage “Shadow IT” spreadsheets and other data assets hidden across your enterprise to reveal if they hold personal data or pose other risks to your firm.

PolicyHub icon


Policy management becomes easier than ever before, as intuitive built-in tools ensure policies are efficiently managed and enforced and accurately maintained, distributed, and attested to.

VendorInsight Icon


An award-winning, easy-to-use Vendor Risk Management (VRM) solution for financial services and other companies who want to ensure the resilience of vendor ecosystems, even including fourth parties.

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