Don’t let invoicing interfere with client relationships

Your corporate clients are under increased scrutiny to reduce legal spend and work more efficiently with law firms. With Collaborati, you’ll expedite an accurate payment process, comply with client expectations, and built better relationships and retention.

Seamless electronic billing to build client trust

What is e-billing? Collaborati is a global legal e-billing software solution used by over 14,000 law firms and vendors in 160 countries around the world. With our legal e-billing platforms, they submit electronic invoices, communicate timekeeper information and rates, capture negotiations, and collaborate on budgets with the 750+ corporate legal departments using Mitratech’s legal management solutions.

Utilize electronic invoicing with confidence, trust, and transparency

Collaborati’s rich capabilities enhance the relationship between corporate legal departments and legal services providers.


Improve client relationships

by reducing the number of invoice disputes while decreasing overall write-offs. Automated status update notifications eliminate unnecessary inquiries to corporate clients, and users can supply the basic profile and rates for the firm’s timekeepers electronically


Collaborate on budgets

for complex matter work and reach agreements with your corporate client prior to deploying your valuable timekeepers.

Drive ROI

Speed up the payment process

over emailed or paper invoices by submitting any LEDES invoice format automatically and attaching supporting documentation


Receive support and prevent the number of inquiries

to your corporate clients. Mitratech’s dedicated Law Firm Client Success Program that will even provision multilingual support for international firms

A proven suite of legal technology solutions

Collaborati is just one product in a family of legal management software solutions that have been adopted by legal departments everywhere, in multiple industries.

From legal workflow automation to Policy Management, Information Governance and beyond, explore the entire range of integrated Mitratech solutions.


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