Contract Lifecycle Management with all the tools you need to succeed

ContractRoom has the features and integrations you need to make it a powerful part of your legal tech stack, or even a standalone application.  So you can transform contract lifecycle management into an efficient, revenue-optimizing asset for your organization.


  • Intuitive user experience for all parties involved in the contracting process.
  • Guided contract creation that incorporates process logic and conditions based on your best practices.
  • Do it all on the go with complete mobile support.

  • Self-service drafting and negotiation with automated exception management.
  • Embedded legal playbook of pre-approved content and fall-back provisions.
  • Automated enforcement of the most recent and approved contract templates and clause versions.

  • 100% automation achievable for assembly of simple or complex contracts.
  • Conditional drafting reduces complex contract assembly to just a few minutes.
  • Drafting Queues help manage contract requests with enhanced capacity management.

  • Secure guest access for counterparties with no additional fee.
  • Granual access permissions for internal and external users – at term, clause, document level.
  • Risk avoidance with protections and guardrails for users working on contracts.

  • Automated workflow for approvals by exception that lets standard terms zip right through.
  • Intelligent routing of required approvals cuts time and optimizes resources

  • Active collaboration with your team and with customers and vendors eliminates slowdowns and deal-killing errors.
  • Granular editing rights and lock down provisions eliminate unauthorized exceptions.
  • In-application alerts and notifications for such things as approvals and upcoming renewals.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems – standard connector to
  • e-Signature providers such as Docusign and AdobeSign.
  • Mitratech solution suite including TAP WorkflowAutomation and TeamConnect Enterprise Legal Management (ELM).

  • Rich reporting and analytics from the full contracting process.
  • Closing speed and compliance visualization for each legal and business user.
  • Instant search of agreement repository to identify specific documents meeting criteria.
  • Complete visibility into risks and opportunities for legal and business professionals.
  • Continuous improvement of people and processes with unparalleled behavioral data capture.

  • No-code configuration tools to implement to your exact specifications.
  • User-friendly deployment with minimal to no help required from IT.
  • White label branding available for your account environment.
  • Design processes run without the need for legal staff attention.

  • Self configuration and maintenance of in-application contract templates.
  • Drag-and-drop ease of use features for configuration of content and workflows.
  • Simple creation of document assembly questionnaires/wizards.
  • Direct management of content (in over 60 languages), rules, and users.

  • Multi-Tenant SaaS and Private Cloud deployment options.
  • ISO 27001 and SOC2, Type1 certifications for CLM application.
  • ISO, AICPA SOC 1-3, PCI, FedRAMP, HIPAA certifications for infrastructure.
  • Deep role- and user-based permission management.

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