Ushering in a new era of Contract Lifecycle Management

EraCLM empowers organizations with a leading-edge, end-to-end contract lifecycle management solution delivering analytics to accelerate business decisions and time-to-agreement, realize revenue faster, optimize savings, and drive efficiency.


Boost results through a guided CLM platform

Mitratech’s EraCLM tool turns complex and inefficient contract lifecycles into profit-optimizing assets for your organization.

With EraCLM, you’ll have a guided collaboration platform for contract activity that provides business-critical analytics for the negotiation process, automates document assembly, and enhances workflow automation in one easy-to-use, modern interface.

Legal and business professionals at the forefront of innovation are now operating leanly and efficiently thanks to EraCLM. While experiencing enterprise-level, real-time insight to maximize opportunities and minimize risks.

EraCLM is uniquely integrated in a comprehensive contract building and creation software tech stack including matter management, workflow automation, legal hold and others, making EraCLM part of an unprecedented solutions suite for meeting all your legal technology needs.

The benefits of advanced contract lifecycle management

EraCLM perfects the contract lifecycle to continuously drive efficiency for your organization.


Accelerate time to agreement

  • Spend less of your time negotiating and recover higher-value activity. With advanced analytics and data science-driven insights, your team can get to agreement faster and more often.
  • Master the negotiation process with enhancements incorporating emerging technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques into contracting operations.
  • Improve financial performance by gaining deeper insights into contract obligations, entitlements, contingencies, and risks.

Increase efficiency

  • Cut costs in your business and save staff time through automating and streamlining contract requests.
  • Strengthen internal synergy by allowing data science-driven technology to ‘learn’ standard clauses, language, and negotiation strategies specific to your business, and implement that guidance for future agreements.
  • Reduce time spent in contract creation with automated document assembly tailored to each engagement.
  • Drive business decisions through unique negotiation software analytics and accelerate the agreement process.

Improve collaboration

  • Gain real-time access for non-legal internal users and third parties for contract review.
  • Share contract changes in real-time across different geographic locations via an intuitive user experience.
  • Notify direct users to the right place at the right time within a contract lifecycle.
  • Save users time and create a seamless experience with a single unified repository to locate contracts.

Gain more control

  • Unify oversight within a single hub for monitoring all agreements from creation through review and approval.
  • Reduce risk through granular governance of what’s negotiated, when, and by whom.
  • Know the organization’s pre-approved contract language is being enforced automatically.
  • Mitigate poor outcomes or lengthy version reconciliation through automation of the contract approval matrix.

Protect revenue

  • Speed the negotiation and execution of contracts by 75% to recognize revenue faster.
  • Track key dates and send automated notifications to involved parties to ensure obligations and milestones are met, such as renewals.
  • Identify third-party risks around contracts as a fundamental part of a revenue protection strategy.

Advance compliance

  • Gain invaluable confidence that you are mitigating risks amidst rapidly changing regulatory environments.
  • Improve compliance with contractual expectations of negotiations.

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