Our mainstay solution: Backed by an award-winning immigration law firm, Tracker I-9 Compliance was designed specifically for HR and Legal teams that require comprehensive I-9 compliance. Manage the progress of all Form I-9s from a fully encrypted, cloud-based solution, equipped with powerful, real-time reporting tools. Maintain complete compliance from any desktop or mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

Tracker I-9 instantly integrates with E-Verify to ensure the employment eligibility of every employee within a company. Once a Form I-9 is submitted through Tracker’s I-9 Complete platform, all information is instantly submitted to E-Verify for verification within seconds. Keeping your team compliant with all local and federal regulations.

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Large employers understand the challenge of managing unscalable paper Form I-9s. Tracker’s historical conversion solution scans, digitizes, and remediates every paper I-9 for complete compliance.  Did you know..?

  • 76% of paper Form I-9s have at least one fineable error.
  • ICE can fine up to $2,292 per substantive Form I-9 in error. A company with 1,000 annual hires carries a minimum substantive error risk of $1,638,560 per year.

Tracker I-9 Resolve provides secure paper I-9 scanning, manual key entry, and error remediation support services for leading HR and legal teams across the U.S.

Our Network Alliance provides remote processing features for employees located anywhere within the U.S.:

  • Streamline Section 2 ID verifications: Considering an out-of-state new hire? Conveniently access any of our approved Remote I-9 Centers located in any city, across all 50 states.  Effortlessly schedule Section 2 in-person document verification meetings for on-time processing.
  • Manage strict processing timelines: U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) requires employers to follow strict I-9 processing timelines for all new-hires.  Utilize Tracker’s automated workflow alerts and timeline notifications across multiple departments to ensure your team is meeting strict filing requirements.

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We provide you with three tiers of customized audit support and legal consultation, designed to fit any budget or team.

Tier 1: In-Depth Audit Guide – Upon receipt of Notice of Inspection (NOI) from ICE or a federal agency, Tracker will provide your team with our extensive audit manual to efficiently guide you through the complex audit process. Designed with over two decades of audit experience, this in-depth guide is complete with industry best practices.

Tier 2: I-9 Audit Assure – This cost-effective package ensures a risk-free audit experience for a minimum annual fee. Your dedicated Tracker Audit Support Team will personally guide you through the NOI process and all agency requirements, including efficiently preparing requested Form I-9s within the required time, and assisting with communication to and from agency representatives. I-9 Audit Assure includes legal consultation from Pearl Law Group, a highly-awarded immigration Law Firm with decades of federal audit experience.

Tier 3: NOI Assessment – In the event of an audit, Tracker will assess NOI requests to design a customized audit support package for your team. For a one-time fee, this package includes personalized audit support throughout the NOI process and legal consultation from Pearl Law Group.

Audit Support Services
  • Form Preparation – In the event of an audit, Tracker will properly prepare and export all Form I-9s per agency request, within the legally mandated time period.
  • Audit Reports – Tracker will efficiently produce additional Audit Reports for review by agency representatives, an industry best practice.
  • Assistance with Agent Communication – Requests by federal agencies can be complex and quite specific. Tracker will assist in the communication with agency representatives to ensure requests are appropriately and efficiently fulfilled.

Manage Unique Requests – After two decades, Tracker has seen just about every unique request from a federal agency. Regardless of the request, your dedicated Tracker Support Team is ready to take action.

Have I-9 or E-Verify questions? Our dedicated I-9 and E-Verify experts are standing by to guide you through every step of the process.  What kind of support do we deliver?

  • Remote I-9 & E-Verify Management: We’ll assist with processing Form I-9s and E-Verify for remote hires – from simple compliance questions to handling the entire remote-hire workflow, including facilitating communication between the employee and Section 2 processing center.
  • Integration Support: We help with platform integrations between Tracker and your current HCM, ATS, onboarding and payroll systems. Our I-9 Help Center agents have extensive experience in program design, including implementation of strategies for internal procedures and roles, and work closely with our dedicated Partner Integrations Team.
  • Audit Preparation: While I-9 Audit Assure will be your dedicated support team in the event of an audit, your on-demand I-9 Help Center will ensure your team is taking the necessary steps to prepare for an audit, including identifying patterns of errors not caught by E-Verify, recommending ongoing process improvement, and assisting in the purging of risky I-9 records that can legally be deleted.
Help Center Services
  • On-Demand Training: Need to on-board new I-9 Managers to the Tracker platform? Your Help Center team is eager to guide you through high-level training sessions or customized tutorials.
  • Quarterly Audit Reports: Mitratech’s Tracker team will produce regular self-audit reports to ensure your team is fully prepared for a potential federal or ICE audit.
  • Industry Updates: Ensure your team is staying updated and educated by receiving curated content, informing your company of any I-9 or E-Verify changes that may affect your organization.
  • Cost-Efficient Expertise: Every team is different. That’s why Mitratech offers flexible I-9 Help Center packages that conveniently fit your team’s needs and budget.

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We partner with the industry’s leading applicant tracking, onboarding, and human capital management providers.

So Tracker I-9 Compliance seamlessly integrates with your current applications to ensure efficient processing and real-time reporting across all departments, without additional development costs.

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