COVID Tracking
COVID Tracking

Why COVID-19 Tracking is Business-Critical

What are the cumulative costs of COVID-19 for corporations?  Nobody is precisely sure.  But there’s increasing pressure on HR departments to understand the vaccination status of their workforces.

But we do know some of the costs to business that researchers have already been able to track:

  • The Integrated Benefits Institute found that spending for absent workers due to COVID-19 was estimated to total $50.5 billion, a 117% increase from a previous analysis the year before.
  • Gartner found that COVID has forced most HR departments into cost-cutting: 49% of respondents had implemented hiring freezes, and 41% were trying to use technology more efficiently.
  • According to Dun & Bradstreet, over 82% of small businesses experienced a negative impact and 70% think it will take them almost a year to recover the demand levels of before COVID-19.

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The rising need for COVID-19 tracking

That first figure is of particular importance to organizations.  The costs of COVID-19 in terms of healthcare outlays, absenteeism, and productivity damage can mount up rapidly.

So it’s essential that HR managers find a method or tool for easily capturing information about the health status and COVID-19 risk level of  employees, including tracking their vaccination and testing status.  If an employer dictates mandatory vaccinations (as more and more are) or encourages them by having a regular testing program, this solution ought to embrace those parameters.

Automating COVID tracking

One of the easiest-to-adopt and most flexible solutions to the challenge?  Implementing a workflow automation solution that offers out-of-the-box workflows for tracking COVID-19 compliance among your workers.

Ideally, this is a no-code or low-code solution that allows the user to customize workflow designs to suit their precise requirements.

What are the benefits?  First of all, impacts of COVID on operations and service continuity can be quickly managed and mitigated, thanks to the data you collect.  Delays and disruptions are minimized and productivity maintained, thanks to the fast adoption and accessibility the best of these solutions enable.

More Monitoring: Gartner says 16% of employers are using technologies more frequently to monitor employees through methods such as virtual timeclocking, tracking work computer usage, and monitoring employee emails or internal communications/chat.

And capturing better insight and information means resources can be more accurately deployed, which can reduce their potential cost.

Learn how Mitratech delivers COVID-19 tracking management through workflow automation, so your enterprise can gain invaluable insight into employee vaccination status – and position itself to head off the costs and threats of this pandemic or any future health crises.

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