Going Back to Work After Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the business world in ways we couldn’t have previously imagined. As enterprises deal with disruption by adopting new approaches and practices to situations both old and new, they now must confront return-to-work challenges.

Governments throughout the world are providing guidelines on how to return to work safely, with directives on developing and implementing policies that follow all regulations and are in keeping with industry best practices. Social distancing and sanitization may be easy to adopt, but aligning your business with other new ‘post-pandemic’ (is it too soon to use that phrase?) return-to-work demands may be more difficult.

Are you ready?  These resources can help you prepare.


Ensuring Business Continuity

Business Continuity Transformation™ (BCT) from Mitratech is a new approach to disruptions and downturns that is more than reactive. After surviving COVID-19 and its effects on business, you don’t just want to be prepared for today’s crisis, but have a flexible foundation in place for whatever else may lie ahead.

As we adjust to the new changes introduced by the pandemic over the past year, BCT is here to help by addressing five key changes: mobile workforces, digitization of documents and processes, shakeups of external providers, change management planning and roadmapping, and measuring internal performance.

With Mitratech’s end-to-end Enterprise Compliance Suite and expert support, you’ll be able to implement an ongoing Business Continuity Transformation strategy around risk and compliance management demands.

Support for Businesses and Employees: Returning to a Workplace

From sustaining business continuity to staying up-to-date with the latest compliance regulations, Mitratech has a range of solutions and resources to support your business and employees as they return to work after coronavirus. Your business deserves best-in-class solutions and resources to ensure effective planning and thorough considerations before employees return to work.  Here are some of them!

Solutions for Managing Return-to-Work Demands:

Policy Management

While some employees may be required to or even prefer to return to the office, others may continue to work from home. As we move forward from this pandemic, options like shared coworking spaces seem to be a thing of the past.

Most businesses will be managing two working environments in the future – the traditional office environment, and the now-normal home working environment. This is a challenge for any business, particularly when it comes to creating and implementing policies across both spaces.

As employees return to work, defining, updating, and monitoring compliance in this new, complex landscape may require you to review your current processes. Various companies doing this have realized that many of their systems and processes are a fragmented blend of different applications, featuring manual or paper-based processes – a position you don’t want to be in.

As people return to work, now is is the ideal time to consolidate your systems into a single proven platform that utilizes a central policy repository to drive policy creation and approval, training, assessment, and compliance reporting. PolicyHub not only saves time and improves efficiency, but it also provides an organization with a defensible compliance program.


Supply Chain Risk Management

Your suppliers are facing return-to-work situations, too.  Even before the pandemic, managing vendors is about more than just your direct relationship; their supply chain is just as important to your business, down to the fourth- and fifth-tier suppliers.

It’s more important than ever, after the disruptions of the past year, to ensure your organization is protected against potential vendor risk caused not only caused by vendors, but by their subcontractors who populate your vendor ecosystem.

A best-practice approach to delivering a resilient vendor risk management environment will include vendor analytics capabilities, fourth, and fifth party monitoring, concentration analytics, and automated reporting.  This is where solutions like VendorInsight and EnterpriseInsight can be invaluable.

ImmigrationTracker Icon
INSZoom IMS Software

I-9 Compliance and Immigration Case Management

Economics and politics affect immigration, but the global pandemic has made this confusing landscape far more challenging. Your organization needs to keep multiple scenarios in mind to remain compliant with immigration law, especially U.S. Form I-9 paperwork, even as return-to-work scenarios unfold. The right software will be the answer to the challenges your organization faces when it comes to compliance as staffers return to work, and new ones are added.

Forms I-9 involve a lot of paperwork. Mistakes are easily made due to many reasons, including untrained or poorly trained staff or inadequate supervision, or failure to conduct internal audits and effectively catch mistakes.

Armed with a best-in-class solution like Tracker I-9 Compliance, the industry’s most advanced I-9 compliance offering, companies can overcome the risks and expenses of outdated, obsolete I-9 processes. From paper form digitization to ongoing electronic I-9 management, this cloud-based, user-friendly solution created by immigration experts has a perfect 20+ year track record of zero client fines. 

Even after HR has returned to the office, hiring workers remotely will still be prevalent. Tracker I-9 Remote is the one-stop solution and verification network for handling all remote hiring and verification needs. This solution allows you to manage timelines of all remote hires from one simple interface, as its Network Alliance fully automates Section 2 ID Verification for mobile and remote employees located anywhere within the U.S.

For businesses with a more global hiring outlook, INSZoom is the world’s foremost immigration case management solution for immigration professionals dealing with the challenges of hiring workers in multiple countries worldwide.

TAP Workflow Automation

Workflow and Process Automation

When your employees are spread across multiple locations and scenarios, working from home or back at their office desks?  More than ever, your operational processes must efficient, collaborative, trackable, and auditable.  So by implementing workflow and process automation, you can drive teamwork and responsiveness even in hybrid workforce environments.

A solution like TAP Workflow Automation can be a cornerstone technology for the new workforce configurations that are going to be a reality for businesses.  By offering unbeaten flexibility, ease of adoption, simplicity of use, and no-code process design, best-in-class workflow automation allows your teams to quickly draft, implement, and iteratively improve workflows that unite your entire workforce and integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack.

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