Immigration Case Management Software
Immigration Case Management Software

Immigration Reform: How Will Your Law Firm Keep Up?

Shay Misra |

President Biden’s plans to modernize the U.S. immigration system are starting to take shape. Congress has unveiled the proposed immigration bill, which, if passed, would bring about the country’s most sweeping immigration overhaul in generations.

Among the highlights:

  • More employment-based visas; reduced wait times & backlogs.
  • Eliminate restrictions on family-based immigration.
  • Student visas would be boosted with eased path to green cards after graduation.
  • Employment authorization for all H-4 temporary visa holders.
  • ‘Dreamers’, TPS holders, and immigrant farm workers would be able to apply for green cards immediately.

Immigration reform of this magnitude would mean not only a clearer path to citizenship for millions, it would also mean a huge caseload uptick for immigration law firms and service providers country-wide.

Volumes of new guidelines, policies, forms, and deadlines. How will lawyers roll with the changes? The answer should be automatic. As in, an automated, secure, comprehensive, and compliant immigration case management software solution.

Mitratech’s INSZoom is one such solution. There are a number of areas where immigration service providers will be especially challenged, and they can all be addressed with a best-in-class case management software solution that allows for a quick and efficient adaptation to these potential reforms.

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What should an immigration case management software solution provide?

Form Changes:

With about 2,000 immigration forms to track, and many more undoubtedly on the way under any new legislation, a top-tier immigration case management software solution (again, like ours) has a complete and comprehensive library of forms, and it’s constantly updated with each new change within 24-48 hours of government release.

Operational Efficiency:

The sheer volume of changes would require massive staffing hours to keep up. The best-in-class software we’re describing would customize case workflows, monitor filing deadlines, and automates repetitive processes using machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA) to digitize tedious, time-consuming processes. Invaluable time is saved.

Data Security & Compliance:

At the same time that law firms could be dealing with a slew of new immigration procedures, we can’t forget that data privacy and protection laws continue to tighten as well.  A superior immigration case management software solution ensures GDPR/CCPA compliance, along with detailed user and access management protocols and multi-factor authentication for immaculate applicant data security.

Prospect Conversion:

The combination of a substantial inflow of candidates, with the new remote work culture, makes this immigration case management software solution’s cloud-based central repository workflow crucial for access to both prospects and staff. The solution you adopt should provide global case management support for attorneys, corporations, and immigration applicants across continents.

With so many exciting immigration reforms proposed, we’re all hoping to see the new bill become law. But let’s not forget to be as prepared as possible for the great migration that may be ahead of us. A proven and leading immigration case management software solution can get us all there more efficiently.

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